GTUC President: The future of Africa depends on ICT

The President of the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC), Dr. Osei Darkwa, has stated that the future of the African continent depends upon the willingness of African leaders to harness the new information and communication technologies in education, to advance the development of the global economy.

According to him, telecommunication education was the new key that would open the doors of the net global economy, and its benefits to the African continent.

‘A nation unable to join this new economic order is effectively locked out of the new global economy, and forced to remain a marginal player on the world economic stage,’ Dr. Osei added.

The President of GTUC was speaking at the 8th Matriculation, where 159 students were matriculated into the school in Accra.

He said the country was in the process of deploying a new WIMAX technology that seeks to democratise technological skills, by providing internet access to the broad mass of the population of this country.

Dr. Osei Darkwa explained that with the current trend of political crisis, sub-regional common currency, and the globalisation defining the market for capital labour and many goods and services, education at the GTUC would help define the future.

He urged the newly-matriculated students to think and behave like the Joshua generation, who are doers and builders, with focus on the future of its positive possibilities.

‘This college is the beginning of your academic and professional career. As you know by now, we are a young growing university. We are growing with you, and gradually, we are putting the structures that will propel you to greater academic heights in place. You are here to develop your talents so that you can contribute in a meaningful way to the development of Ghana and Africa,’ Dr. Osei emphasised.

On his part, the Vice President of the GTUC, Dr. Robert Baffour, observed that there was no equity in the educational system in the country, which accounted for the rural Ghana and African not being provided with the best educational system for the current generation.

‘It appears the generation before us did not work hard enough, and obviously, this generation is not working hard enough to give you a better future for you and your children. So what is your plan?’ he queried.

Dr. Baffour advised the students to take the opportunity at GTUC to help turn their communities in to better places to live.

‘The journey of chewing your educational materials, passing and forgetting like what most of your predecessors have done, has not worked for the development of this nation’s growth,’ he explained.

Dr. Baffour advised the future leaders to activate a new attitude of changing their approach towards the development of the African continent in all totality, stressing, the GTUC would like to be part of graduates that would stand out and be known to be bold, confident, articulate, professional, entrepreneurial, and visionary with a deep sense of social and ethical responsibility, to take the country to the promised land.

Source – Accra Daily Mail