Zambia Mission Adds African Artifacts to Online Auction

Zambia Mission has added dozens of unique African art objects to its online auction at The auction provides funds for medicines, medical equipment and a host of other items to provide care and health-education to the people of southern Zambia.

Zambia Mission Auction ItemZambia Mission Auction Item

A large wooden mask was the first item added to the Zambia Mission auction being conducted at this year, but dozens more unique items have been added in the past few days. Zambia Mission relies on the auction to provide much needed medicine and medical equipment to treat the people in the Southern Province of Zambia.

“The sale of a single auction item can make a difference” according to Klay Bartee of Searcy Arkansas and the current Chairman of the Zambia Mission board of trustees. “Simple antibiotics save lives in Zambia, but many of the government run clinics don’t have medicines to provide to patients even after they have been prescribed” Bartee said.

Zambia Medical Mission (ZMM) has been treating people in the Southern Province of Zambia Africa each summer since 1995. This year the team, made up of over 120 volunteers from the United States and over 200 from Zambia, treated over 16000 individuals. The team also conducted over 100 cataract and other eye surgeries during the trip at Namwianga Zonal Health Clinic.

ZMM co-director, KB Massingill Ph.D, said “The message that resonates with us each year, is how donations fuel the comfort, well being and safety of literally thousands of people in Zambia. Too, often we think there isn’t anything that we, as individuals can do to make a difference, but our annual experience reminds us that a single donation changes lives.” Massingill is president of Franchise Thinking and helps corporate executives who want to own a business identify franchises, but he, like many of the volunteers on the trip each year enjoys being a part of the ZMM team.

The auction proceeds will provide funds that go directly to helping Zambians with health care and health education. The group is attempting to raise funds to build a surgical theatre at Namwianga Zonal Healthcare Center, purchase a 220 volt autoclave, and purchase a propane generator for Namwianga Christian Radio station.

“You don’t customarily think of a radio station and a hospital operating in a close partnership” according to ZMM co-director Eleanor Hamby, but in Zambia communication, education and healthcare can form a very symbiotic team.” According to Hamby, many of the patients who eventually underwent the cataract surgeries heard about the opportunity via Namwianga Christian Radio.

Zambia Mission operates George Benson Christian College in Namwianga Zambia as well as Namwianga Zonal Health Clinic, Namwianga Christian Radio Station, a secondary school and multiple primary schools and local health clinics.

Source – Zambia, Africa (PRWEB)  – September 06, 2011