Janssen Creates new Division to Launch TMC435 and Help Conquer Hepatitis C in EMEA

Today sees the launch of Janssen Therapeutics EMEA, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, dedicated to bringing the investigational protease inhibitor TMC435 to hepatitis C patients in the EMEA region.

Approximately 130-210 million people are infected with hepatitis C worldwide,1 with three to four million people newly infected each year.2 An estimated nine million people are infected with the disease in the WHO European Region.3 Some patients respond better to current hepatitis C treatments than others, depending on factors such as the genotype of the person being treated.2

There is a clear need for continued innovation to confront the burden of disease, reduce treatment time and find a solution for patients that currently do not have effective treatment options.

A commitment to people with hepatitis C

Headquartered in Belgium, Janssen Therapeutics EMEA is committed to the further development and commercialization of its investigational drug TMC435 in the EMEA region.

Jane Griffiths, Janssen EMEA Company Group Chairman, said: “The World Health Organization describes hepatitis C as a ‘viral time bomb’. That is why we have created a dedicated division, which will commercialize TMC435 and help meet hepatitis C patients’ needs. Janssen Therapeutics EMEA is on a mission to bring new options to successfully treat patients with this devastating disease.”

Global impact

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting primarily the liver, which has a global impact on patients, care givers and society. Hepatitis C can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong chronic condition that can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer and other serious and fatal liver diseases. More than 350,000 people die from hepatitis C-related liver diseases each year worldwide.2

Janssen is committed to its licensing partners with whom it shares the vision of reducing the burden of hepatitis C and making a meaningful impact to eradicate the disease in the future. The creation of Janssen Therapeutics EMEA reinforces Janssen’s commitments to its licensing partners. INCIVO(R), another hepatitis C protease inhibitor from Janssen, will be commercialized separately from TMC435 via Janssen local operating companies.

About Janssen Therapeutics EMEA

Janssen Therapeutics EMEA is on a mission to drive change in the treatment of hepatitis C.

A division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Janssen Therapeutics EMEA is dedicated to bringing the investigational protease inhibitor TMC435 to hepatitis C patients and helping people by increasing their treatment options.

Headquartered in Beerse (Belgium), Janssen Therapeutics EMEA brings together experts from all over the EMEA region to think differently and work tirelessly to help eliminate this devastating disease.

More information can be found at emea.janssentherapeutics.com [http://www.emea.janssentherapeutics.com ]

About TMC435

TMC435 is a once daily potent investigational hepatitis C protease inhibitor in late phase III clinical development being jointly developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Medivir AB to treat chronic hepatitis C virus infections.

TMC435 is being investigated in combination with PegIFN/RBV but is also being evaluated with Direct-acting Antiviral (DAA) agents in interferon-free combinations both with and without ribavirin (RBV).


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Source: Janssen Reference – Press Release – 19 April 2012