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Welcome to South Africa Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi – Source: Wikimedia Commons / cowjuice

By Nicholas Pescod – AfricanBrains

It’s not a private investigator but even James Bond would be impressed with this little guy.

The highly anticipated credit-card size Raspberry Pi computer is now available in South Africa and without order issues or backlogs according to a local distributor.

According to the high-tech device, was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is a fully functional computer board, which can be connected to a TV, computer monitor, and keyboard.

The 45-gram computer functions in a similar fashion to that of a normal sized computer. The Pi allows users to play games and watch HD movies. Users can also operate spreadsheets, word-processing and connect to the Internet. The computers don’t have their own storage system and require the use of an SD card.

The Pi was developed, according to reports, to give information-technology programmers and developers a simple solution to computing. The product targeted towards education facilities such as schools, resource centre’s and libraries.

While the Pi’s have been in high demand since debuting in February and since July about 4,000 Pi’s are being produced daily. The unit will cost about $40 (USD) so you won’t need to be Mr. Bond to own one.

According to a Raspberry Pi Foundation blog, orders were limited to just one per person. However that has since been lifted, allowing bulk orders from corporations and schools.

The Raspberry Pi isn’t the only tiny computer of it’s kind out there, according to a similar product called the Gooseberry Android board is available in the United Kingdom and can be purchased online.

For more statistical information on the Raspberry Pi visit:

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  2. As this was a while ago, there have been alot of companies entering the Raspberry Pi market in South Africa. We have taken the time to list all of them and please review where you got your RasPi from, good and bad reviews welcome.

    Here is the link to the South African Raspberry Pi distributers:

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