African Technology for Teleradiology

State-of-the-art colleges and universities are providing the needed education in order to become a vital part of the world. One of these developments that has worldwide potential is the development of Teleradiology.

Teleradiology is a development produced by Africa’s own Medisoft East Africa Ltd. It allows doctors and practitioners to send x-ray information to more experienced professionals in the larger cities in order to develop a logical treatment. How can this technology be beneficial to the world?

1. Expedience – Doctors can consult one another in quickly in order to help a patient. As the circumstances could become dire in many cases, speed could mean the difference between life and death. With the ability to send x-ray information instantly from one location to another, doctors can develop an expedited method to help keep the patient alive and well.

This could also provide a method to consult specialists without having the travel time. In the late 1900s, it wasn’t unheard of for specialists to fly all over the world in order to help a sick or dying individual. With the technology surrounding Teleradiology, it opens doors to receiving help without a specialist even leaving his or her office.

2. Potential for Growth – The technology surrounding Teleradiology has great potential for additional developments. For instance, a tablet-like device can be created to take an x-ray and then transmit the information while a doctor is out in the field. Although a development of this magnitude may be far off in the future, it is an example of how one technology can spawn new developments to improve the primary objective.

There have been a great deal of developments created from the invention of specific technologies. The computer world is full of circumstances like these and many things we take for granted may not exist if not for the pioneers who created the first applications for these technologies.

3. Rural Areas – In every corner of the world, there are rural areas that lack sophisticated technologies to diagnose problems through x-rays. Regardless of what country you live in, there are cities without proper medical facilities to treat some of the afflictions that plague human-kind. A technology such as Teleradiology could give medical practitioners in these areas a chance to help those in need.

As time progresses, more technologies are being incorporated into Africa’s development. As educational concerns are slowly being addressed, professionals in their respective fields of study are surfacing throughout the continent. Maybe someday when looking under a piece of technology, it could say, “Made in Africa.”