Help & FAQs

We’ve compiled a series of “How to” guides and answered various FAQs below. Please have a good look through these before contacting us with any queries as they may well give you the information you’re after. If the answer to your query is not found below or you think we may have missed something please email us at

1. What is AfricanBrains?

AfricanBrains is an “Intelligent Network” whose main purpose is to connect innovative Africans like yourself and to commercialise your ideas & inventions to give you an income for life. For more information please visit our “About” page.

2. How do I join AfricanBrains?

Connecting With AfricanBrains

3. I would like to write for AfricanBrains – what can I do?

A Guide to the AfricanBrains Dashboard & Submitting an Article

4. How do I edit my Networking Profile?

Editing Your Network Profile

5. How do I create Groups?

Creating Groups

6. What is the “Innovation Station” and how do I submit my Ideas to AfricanBrains?

The Innovation Station

7. How do I protect my Idea?

The very act of submitting your Idea to AfricanBrains is enough to protect it. Copyright material sent over the internet or stored on our web servers is protected in the same way as material recorded on other media such as DVD or CD. As soon as your material is recorded and submitted it is automatically copyrighted. For more information please read our “Special Policy On Protecting Your Ideas”. You are responsible for any other copies of your Idea stored on other media such as hard drives, USB flash drives, printed paper etc so keep them safe!

8. How long before I hear if my Idea is commercially viable?

AfricanBrians will be in touch within 14 days of you submitting your Idea. This gives us time to assess your proposal and talk to our relevant Industry Partners (who sign non-disclosure agreements thus further protecting your Idea). For more information please read our “Commercialisation Policy” & “Special Policy On Protecting Your Ideas”.

9. How does my Idea get patented?

Provided your Idea is considered commercially viable, AfricanBrains will start the patenting process in YOUR NAME. The cost of this will be borne by AfricanBrains. This process can take between 18 and 30 months. For more information please read our “Special Policy On Protecting Your Ideas”.