AfricanBrains Africa Education Innovation Technology Investment Networking Events News Social Media Blogs Fri, 12 Feb 2016 16:28:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Frost & Sullivan Recognizes T-Systems for the Unparalleled Customer Value it Offers South African Healthcare Clients as a Managed Services Provider Fri, 12 Feb 2016 16:28:10 +0000 frost and sullivanThe company’s automation solutions support both revenue growth and unified customer experiences for its clients.

Based on its recent analysis of the managed services market in the healthcare industry, Frost & Sullivan presents T-Systems with the 2015 South African Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. The company’s superior price/performance value and customer service provides a competitive edge in terms of providing solutions in the healthcare industry.

“T-Systems’ solutions simplify and streamline operational processes within hospitals by automating patient and document-driven processes, thus enabling higher efficiency,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Jonanita Roos. “Ultimately, this safeguards revenue attrition and supports an excellent patient experience, providing a longitudinal patient record to support evidentiary documentation regarding diligent patient care.”

T-Systems’ fourfold customer acquisition strategy incorporates world-class, end-to-end solutions, proactive relationship building with customers, high-quality service delivery with strategies like Zero Outage, and going mobile in order to make information readily available to complete the process chain. Its solutions are built on the popular and ubiquitous SAP Business All-In-One platform, allowing it to offer replicable technology in a cost-effective manner while leveraging brand recognition.

Currently, the company’s healthcare customers include seven private hospital groups, a public sector compensation fund manager, a leading medical funds administrator, a public sector healthcare provider, and an accident funds administrator. T-Systems also delivers seamless integration between enterprise management (financials and materials management), employee management (HR management, including time and attendance and biometrics), and patient management (patient administration, billing and clinical records).

Further, T-Systems’ financial process solutions can reduce discharge time by 50 percent, lower audit costs by more than 20 percent, and make operations 75 percent more profitable through integrated systems and real-time inclusive financials. The company’s primary care solutions provide access to comprehensive patient information, enabling the formulation of a more informed care plan. T-Systems’ customers have also experienced over 30 percent lower workforce turnover due to workforce empowerment using the Human Capital Management features of the solution. Materials management features help control the flow of stock through the retail pharmacy.

“The key to strong customer acquisition is relationship building, and T-Systems has long-standing and solid relationships with its customers due to the high level of personal engagement, industry knowledge and the continuous high quality of service delivery,” noted Roos. “All its healthcare projects have been deployed on time and within budgets, forging trust with existing customers. The company has also maintained local relevance by keeping a predominantly South African workforce that has a better insight into the market.”

For continuously positioning itself as a strategic partner to its customers and delivering superior price/performance value and excellent customer service, T-Systems is the worthy recipient of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award in the South African managed services market for healthcare.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focuson improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products. The award recognizes the company’s inordinate focus on enhancing the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved customer retention and, ultimately, customer base expansion.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for outstanding achievement in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research.

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Global Tech Investor, Techstars, Selects its First Company from East Africa Fri, 12 Feb 2016 14:30:15 +0000 techstarsUS accelerator TechStars believes Kenya’s Bamba Group could be the next AirBnB or Dropbox within the next five years.

The international investors that have boosted more than 650 technology startups have thrown their weight behind their first East African company, Kenya’s Bamba Group (

US accelerator TechStars believes Kenya’s Bamba Group could be the next AirBnB or Dropbox within the next five years.

The experts will put Bamba through intensive training in Austin, Texas, and give them a cash investment to fast-track their growth.

TechStars Austin Managing Director, Amos Schwartzfarb (@iamamoslee), said: “We are very happy to select the first company from East Africa into the TechStars programme. Bamba Group is a testament to our globalized world where a startup from any corner of the planet can rise up, pursue their passion and make a lasting impact on the world.”

Bamba Group, a Nairobi-based business founded 3 years ago, developed a data collection software that can run in any country. It is the only company in the world that will send a mobile airtime payment directly to your phone when you submit data in as many as 122 countries.

The cloud-based system is used by major not-for-profit and for-profit companies in Kenya including Aga Khan Foundation, Nairobi Airport Services, and Diamond Trust Bank.

The experts will put Bamba through intensive training in Austin, Texas, and give them a cash investment to fast-track their growth
Bamba Group CEO, Al Ismaili (@al_ismaili), is thrilled his company is among the 2% of the applicants who are accepted into the programme.

He said: “It is our employees that are most deserving of this selection. We now look forward to the next stage of our growth with a new saying around the office – something we now hear regularly from our new mentors at TechStars – ‘Do More Faster’. We hope to make Africa proud”.

Mr Ismaili along with two other co-founders Faiz Hirani (@FaizHirani) and Shehzad Tejani (@Tejanishehzad) will attend a 13-week acceleration programme for hands-on mentorship and gain access to the TechStars Network, which includes more than 5000 people including founders, alumni, and global mentors. Following the initial financial investment from TechStars, companies go on to raise an average of over $3million in capital after the programme.

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Mr Joe Mucheru (@mucheru), added: “I congratulate Bamba Group for this great opportunity and hope they will inspire many more start-ups to get recognised globally.”

Bamba has embedded itself as a staple in the Kenyan software scene. This is evident through its participation in the Presidential Digi-talent Programme (PDTP), a public–private partnership run by the ICT Authority in Kenya and commissioned by the President of Kenya.

ICT graduates from Kenyan universities are selected for the one-year programme that includes world-class software training, soft-skills training, mentoring and guaranteed internships in both the public and private sector firms involved. Other organizations involved in this programme include Google, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cisco and PwC.

PDTP Advisory Council Chairman and Technology Partner at PwC, Muchemi Wambugu (@muchemiwambugu), understands what it takes to sit alongside these top firms from his days working in Silicon Valley for a tech giant IBM.

Mr Wambugu said: “Bamba Group has been a huge asset in our Advisory Council and by extension to our society. PDTP aims to build technology capacity for Government and enrich our already vibrant technology ecosystem. Bamba software was used to capture, monitor and evaluate the interactions between the programme mentors and interns. Al holds a seat on our council and his contributions have been tremendous. He and his firm are well deserving of their selection into one of the world’s top accelerators and we are proud of this young Kenyan firm.”

Cabinet Secretary Mucheru added: “Kenya recognises the economic and social benefit of innovation and entrepreneurship”. Bamba is committed to bringing the Silicon Valley start-up culture into Kenya in order to brew innovation and attract top talent in line with the country’s vision 2030 and National ICT Masterplan 2017.

Bamba Group Project Manager, Peter Onkendi, said: “Working for Bamba Group has been an amazing experience. The company’s culture is fantastic and I look forward to everyday at the office. What we are doing is very exciting and with Bamba being accepted to the TechStars 2016 programme I look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

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SoloPower Systems Technology Selected by Direct Group Africa for Green Living City Program Fri, 12 Feb 2016 12:26:42 +0000 .

Companies working together to accomplish 54 megawatts of solar projects on 15,000 low income and student housing units in South Africa.

Key Highlights:

SoloPower commissioned for first wave of installations covering 762 kilowatts of building-integrated photovoltaic systems.

Multi-year framework negotiation expected to result in agreement in H1 2016 to cover installation of an estimated six megawatts per year of SoloPower products.

SoloPower Systems (“SoloPower”), the photovoltaic technology company specializing in the design, manufacture and deployment of CIGS flexible thin-film solar technology, announces today that Direct Group Africa (“Direct Group”), a pioneer of sustainable housing projects, has executed a letter of intent to integrate SoloPower’s innovative lightweight solar photovoltaic (PV) technology into the manufacture of up to 15,000 low income and student housing units in South Africa.

“We selected SoloPower’s technology because it is ideal for integration with our lightweight and modular housing designs,” said Johann Dreyer, chairman and CEO of Direct Group. “We believe that our innovative business model for low-cost and sustainable housing solutions will be a model to be emulated further in South Africa, the rest of Africa and other key emerging markets. Our business model relies on distributed energy solutions to enable low income communities – which are negatively impacted by weak grid access – to become self-sufficient. We look forward to working closely with SoloPower products to bring this innovative solution to our customers.”

SoloPower will supply products for factory integration – or building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – that will be suitable for Direct Group’s lightweight roofing systems. These innovative, low-cost sustainable building solutions are designed to serve the needs of South Africa’s low income and student housing needs. Direct Group’s EEZI Thermal Modular Building System – a sophisticated composite building system utilized in flooring, walling and roofing – will be used in the development of the units. The installation process is fast and simple and is ideal for the rapid development of housing systems and communities.

“Direct Group has truly developed an innovative solution for affordable global housing,” said Rob Campbell, CEO of SoloPower Systems. “By integrating our technology with their housing designs, we are demonstrating the flexibility and versatility of our products, which can be utilized on both a stand-alone and integrated basis. Our industry-leading technology will add clean and sustainable energy to Direct Group’s model at the lowest possible cost. We will fully support the project with our local distributor partner Dumont Power.”

Dumont Power and SoloPower have concluded terms for the initial project phase for 762 kilowatts of solar PV systems. The parties expect to complete a comprehensive framework agreement during H1 2016 to cover the installation of approximately six megawatts per year of SoloPower’s systems for Direct Group’s first large-scale community project in Port Elizabeth.

Additional Information:

Dumont Power and SoloPower Systems will be exhibiting at the upcoming PV tradeshow

The Solar Show Africa 2016 being held in Johannesburg from March 15th to 16th.

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TriLinc Global Impact Fund Makes Impact Investments in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa Fri, 12 Feb 2016 10:30:45 +0000 trilinc globalTriLinc Global Impact Fund announced today that it has approved a total of $9.5 million in term loan and trade finance facilities to companies in Argentina, Ecuador, and South Africa, bringing total financing commitments as of January 31, 2016 to $131.1 million for business expansion and socioeconomic development through its holdings in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

TriLinc Global Impact Fund (“TriLinc” or the “Company”) announced today that it has recently approved $9.5 million in term loan and trade finance transactions to companies in Argentina, Ecuador, and South Africa. The transaction details are summarized below.

“TriLinc’s recent investments in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrate the Company’s sustained commitment to catalyzing local economic development through international trade”
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TriLinc is an impact investing fund that provides growth-stage loans and trade finance to established small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in developing economies where access to affordable capital is significantly limited. Impact Investing is defined as investing with the specific objective of achieving a competitive financial return as well as creating positive, measurable impact in communities across the globe.

TriLinc approved the trade finance transactions, which meet the Company’s requirements for underwriting, economic development and societal advancement, as described below:

Between January 4 and January 19, 2016, TriLinc funded $9,000,000 as part of three existing trade finance facilities for companies located in Argentina. Between January 4 and January 19, 2016, TriLinc funded three separate transactions totaling $7,000,000 to an agricultural intermediary as part of an existing $15,000,000 trade finance facility at an interest rate of 9.00%. Secured by purchase contracts and receivables, the first two transactions totaling $5,000,000 are set to mature on September 30, 2016 while the remaining $2,000,000 transaction is set to mature on September 4, 2016. On January 19, 2016, TriLinc funded $2,000,000 to an oilseed distribution company as part of an existing $5,100,000 revolving trade finance facility at an interest rate of 8.89%. Secured by purchase contracts and receivables, this transaction is set to mature on March 1, 2016. Both borrowers anticipate that TriLinc financing will support economic growth through job creation, increased exports, and increased agricultural productivity. For TriLinc’s Argentine borrowers, the Company provides export finance, where the international buyers are typically developed market companies or large conglomerates.

On January 15, 2016, TriLinc funded $243,747 to an Ecuadorian fish processing and exporting company as part of an existing $2,000,000 revolving senior secured trade finance facility at a fixed interest rate of 9.00%. With a maturity date of June 19, 2016, the transaction is secured by specific receivables and inventory destined for export. The borrower anticipates that TriLinc financing will support employment generation and increases in employee wages.

Between January 15 and 29, 2016, TriLinc funded three separate transactions totaling $280,181 as part of an existing $2,500,000 revolving senior secured trade finance facility at a fixed interest rate of 15.00% to a South African textile distributor. Set to mature between May 17 and May 28, 2016, the transactions are secured by specific inventory being imported into South Africa from Asia. The borrower anticipates that TriLinc financing will support employment generation.

“TriLinc’s recent investments in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrate the Company’s sustained commitment to catalyzing local economic development through international trade,” said Gloria Nelund, TriLinc CEO. “By extending trade finance facilities to growth-stage SMEs, TriLinc has become a reliable source of timely and flexible export and import financing that enhances the competitive positioning of its borrowers in the global marketplace while also having positive social and environmental impacts in the communities where they operate.”

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S African scoops Edinburgh Medal Fri, 12 Feb 2016 08:08:34 +0000 Kevin Govender from the Cape Town-based Office of Astronomy for Development and the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
Kevin Govender from the Cape Town-based Office of Astronomy for Development and the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

By –

Pretoria – The 2016 Edinburgh Medal will be jointly awarded to Kevin Govender from the Cape Town-based Office of Astronomy for Development and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in March, to recognise their wide reaching contributions to science.

The award will be bestowed during the 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival.

This will be the first time in its history that this award goes to a South African.

It is awarded jointly for the creation and practical establishment of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development, which integrates the pursuit of scientific knowledge with social development for and with those most in need.

The office, launched in 2011 by the Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor, is hosted at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa, in partnership with the National Research Foundation and the South African Department of Science and Technology.

Under the pioneering stewardship of its first Director, Kevin Govender, the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) has successfully harnessed astronomy in the service of global education and capacity building.

The OAD was established as part of the IAU’s decadal strategic plan “Astronomy for Development” which was initiated and driven within the IAU by the renowned astronomer Professor George Miley.

The Edinburgh Medal is a prestigious award given each year to men and women of science and technology whose professional achievements are judged to have made a significant contribution to the understanding and well-being of humanity.

Kevin Govender and President of the IAU, Silvia Torres Peimbert, will be presented with the Edinburgh Medal at the Chambers of the City of Edinburgh Council on 30 March 2016.

They will give the Edinburgh Medal Address: “Astronomy for a Better” World as part of the 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival, in the presence of Lord Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal.

The 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival will run from 26 March to 10 April.

Lord Provost of City of Edinburgh Council Donald Wilson said the difference that Kevin Govender and the IAU have made in developing countries is astronomical.

“Govender has been leading the Office of Astronomy for Development since 2011 and has overseen the expansions from its roots in Cape Town, South Africa to be extended to a further nine regional offices in Armenia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, Nigeria, Portugal, Thailand and Zambia.

“The IAU strategy to use astronomy to stimulate global development is inspiring, it demonstrates how science, technology and culture impacts on our everyday lives and how we can use science to improve communities.

“I’m thankful to Kevin and IAU for creating opportunities that might lead us to healthier and wealthier futures.”

Within its 28 years, this is only the second time that The Edinburgh Medal has been jointly awarded to an individual and an organisation – in 2013 Professor Peter Higgs and CERN received the medal.

Previous individual recipients of The Edinburgh Medal include Professor Jane Goodall in 1991, Sir David Attenborough in 1998 and Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell in 1999. The list of previous recipients also includes four Nobel laureates Professor Abdus Salam in 1989, Professor Wangari Maathai in 1993, Sir John Edward Sulston in 2001 and Professor Peter Higgs in 2013.

Dr Simon Gage, the Director of Edinburgh International Science Festival, said the Edinburgh Medal is awarded to an individual or an organisation who have not only discovered great science but have contributed more broadly to society.

“It’s an unusual award that recognises two dimensions of the work – the scientific and the social consequences. I’ve followed the work of Govender and the IAU for many years, the positive impact in the schools, universities and communities where they operate is incredible and helping to build a better world,” said Gage.

2016 Edinburgh Medal co-recipient Kevin Govender said: “Besides its technological, scientific and cultural contributions, astronomy fundamentally gives us the perspective we need to change the world, and it is amazing to see how this vision has rallied people and organisations from just about every continent. It has been, and continues to be, a journey driven by many with a shared passion for both science and society.”

On behalf of the IAU, its President Professor Silvia Torres Peimbert said: “I am delighted that the work of the IAU in the field of development has been recognised by the award of this medal. Astronomy is an exciting and stimulating pursuit and has a large part to play in inspiring the next generation of scientists from developing countries.

“I hope this award will highlight this important work and encourage others to contribute.”

Made of Sterling silver, the Edinburgh Medal is produced by capital firm Alexander Kirkwood & Son and features the original Edinburgh International Science Festival logo – a juggler performing with different symbols of science in the air.

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USTDA Strengthens Efforts to Promote Value-Based Procurement in Ethiopia Thu, 11 Feb 2016 16:30:30 +0000 utdaToday, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded a grant to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), Ethiopia’s national power generation and transmission company, to provide technical assistance under the Global Procurement Initiative: Understanding Best Value (GPI). The grant will fund a senior procurement advisor to help EEP achieve value for money in publicly funded energy projects, including those that support President Obama’s Power Africa initiative, which aims to increase electricity access in Ethiopia and across sub-Saharan Africa.

“USTDA and EEP are looking forward to working together under this exciting phase of the GPI,” said Lida Fitts, USTDA’s Acting Regional Director for sub-Saharan Africa, who signed the grant alongside EEP CEO Eng. Azeb Asnake. “EEP’s commitment to incorporating value-based procurement methods into their public tenders will help them achieve better outcomes from those tenders, leading to better quality and more reliability in the energy sector.”

The grant builds on USTDA’s efforts to help the Government of Ethiopia establish best-value procurement practices, including the use of life-cycle cost analysis, in its tender processes. In October 2015, USTDA and its GPI partner, the George Washington University Government Procurement Law Program, provided training to 50 procurement officials from EEP, the Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency, and other federal entities. This April, USTDA will host a group of senior Ethiopian officials in the United States to highlight U.S. federal, state and municipal examples of best value and life-cycle cost analysis in the procurement process.

The goal of the GPI is to advance partner countries’ capacity to carry out effective infrastructure procurements. In Ethiopia, the use of international best practices and policies in public procurement can support sustainable infrastructure development, increase access to energy and enhance economic growth.

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Ringier Africa and Asia Pacific with new structure and leadership Thu, 11 Feb 2016 14:34:06 +0000 Florent de Rocca-Serra will take the new position of General Manager Ringier Asia Pacific
Florent de Rocca-Serra will take the new position of General Manager Ringier Asia Pacific

Leonard Stiegeler, former General Manager Ringier Nigeria & Head of Ringier West Africa has been appointed to the new position of General Manager Ringier Africa.

Ringier ( is restructuring its international market set-up for the beginning of the new year. On the first of January, Ringier Africa and Asia have implemented various changes further supporting the strong growth of its international markets, with additional personnel and international support.

After a successful 2015 with strong growth across all core businesses and countries on both continents, the accomplishment of important milestones, including the new market entry in Myanmar, Ringier introduced a new international setup which will ensure further growth in quality and efficiency for future expansions.

With the high speed and growth of our digital business in Africa and Asia, we were in need of stronger support structures to facilitate further aggressive scaling of our business.

To facilitate this, Leonard Stiegeler, former General Manager Ringier Nigeria & Head of Ringier West Africa has been appointed to the new position of General Manager Ringier Africa. Former Head of New Business Implementation Ringier AG, Florent de Rocca-Serra will take the new position of General Manager Ringier Asia Pacific. Jessica List, formerly part of Ringiers M&A and Business Development team will take the new position of CFO Africa. Jessica Stiles, former Head of Marketing International Markets becomes CMO Africa & Asia. All of these positions will be reporting into the current CEO Asia & Africa, Robin Lingg, who has been elected to the Group Executive Board of Ringier AG in December. Julian Artopé, current Director Ringier Africa will pursue an MBA by the end of March after four years of building Ringiers African business on the continent. Mark Slade, former Head of the Digital Marketing Agency RDM in Nigeria, will take over the position as General Manager Ringier Nigeria.

To further support the risen complexity in Ringier’s fast-scaling operations, four dedicated teams were established for each of the African business models Classifieds, Content, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Each will consist of a dedicated team supporting their field in Marketing, Business & Operations and Product Development.

Robin Lingg, CEO Ringier Africa und Asia: “With the high speed and growth of our digital business in Africa and Asia, we were in need of stronger support structures to facilitate further aggressive scaling of our business. Through this evolution of the organisation I’m convinced we’ll be able to further boost and expand our leading market positions in Classifieds, Content, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing across all our markets. We have a proven and highly experienced team of which I’m very happy to see so much internally promoted leadership emerge. I also would like to thank Julian Artopé, who has been essential for building this organisation on the ground and has been a key part for the success of Ringier”.

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JP SA Couto & Positivo BGH win Sh17 billion laptop tender in Kenya Thu, 11 Feb 2016 14:25:01 +0000 JP SA Couto
Children using JP SA Couto laptops

AfricanBrains are pleased to congratulate their major industry partners, JP SA Couto & Positivo BGH for winning the tender to honour the Jubilee government’s 2013 election pledges.

On 9 February 2016 they were awarded the Sh17 billion tender to supply laptops to primary schools throughout Kenya.

There will be two consortiums charged with the delivery of the contract, these being between Moi University & JP SA Couto and the other, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) & Positivo BGH.

Positivo BGHMoi University & JP SA Couto will oversee the supply, installation and commissioning of the Digital Learning Solution for schools in 26 counties while JKUAT & Positivo BGH will supply the laptops to 21 counties. The first batch is to be delivered by June 2016.

The project will be implemented by an inter-ministerial team which was set up by President Uhuru Kenyatta in May last year.

The team has representatives from the ministries of Education, Industrialisation & Enterprise Development, Energy & Petroleum, the National Treasury and the Office of the Attorney General. It is expected to oversee the supply of laptops to 1.2 million pupils in 22,000 public primary schools by close of this year.

If successful in the pilot stage, JKUAT and Moi will go ahead to deliver the first batch of 600,000 computers by June 2016, with the second batch to be delivered in June 2017.

Components that form the base of the project — such as the content for Standard One pupils — was launched in December by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. The content is available on a universal platform at

AfricanBrains looks forward to meeting up with JP SA Couto & Positivo BGH at Innovation Africa 2016 in Kenya this September.

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UNIC Lagos takes SDGs to NGOs, presents SDGs Year Planner Thu, 11 Feb 2016 12:35:58 +0000 .

In its quest to widely disseminate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its targets in Nigeria, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos, has hosted an NGO-Partners’ meeting to introduce the 17 SDGs and its associated 169 targets with a view to enhancing Partners’ understanding of the SDGs framework and its place in programming.

The meeting which was attended by 95 representatives of 75 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), focused on UNIC Lagos priorities for 2016, SDGs Overview; mapping of NGOs based on their mandates and according to the SDGs as well as aligning Partners’ core areas of activities with UN Observances in the year.

Addressing the participants, the Director of UNIC Lagos, Mr Ronald Kayanja, highlighted SDGs, Climate Change and Counter-terrorism as part of the 2016 priorities of UNIC Lagos. He urged the partners to be strategic in programming this year by aligning their activities with the SDGs. The global goals, he noted, must be localized through the collaborative efforts of UNIC Lagos and its NGO-partners.

The mapping of the NGOs, he explained, was aimed at aligning the focus of ‘our NGO partners with the goals and targets of the SDGs. To facilitate deliberation at the meeting, every participant was given a copy of UNIC Lagos SDGs Year Planner which contains all the 17 goals and the 169 targets. Besides, it also features all the International Days.

Acknowledging the technical support of UNIC Lagos, the Executive Director of Women in politics and Governance (WIPOGOV), Barrister Obiageli Obi, noted that the meeting was rich in contents and much focused. Speaking in the same vein, the Executive Director of Strategy For Mentoring Initiative and Leadership Empowerment (S.M.I.L.E), Mrs Bimpe Bamgbose-Martins, called for more of such quality engagements.

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Launch of Chevening Alumni Ghana Association Thu, 11 Feb 2016 10:30:56 +0000 cheveningChevening Alumni Ghana to be officially launched at the British High Commissioner’s residence.

Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders since 1983.
Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations, Chevening offers two types of award – Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships – the recipients of which are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world.

Chevening Scholars come from over 160 countries and territories worldwide (excluding the USA and the EU), and over 1,500 scholarships were awarded in 2015/2016. There are over 44,000 Chevening Alumni around the world who comprise an influential and highly regarded global network. In 2015 twenty high achieving scholars from Ghana were awarded with the scholarship.

Presently, Chevening Alumnus includes an array of influential professionals, with an excellent record of rising to positions of leadership across a wide range of fields including: Sciences, Business, Media, and Academia.

In Ghana, the alumni group boosts the Honourable Benjamin Kunbuor – Defence Minister of State, Augustina E Mills – Senior Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Augustine Otto a Director of Research & Business Development Division at GIPC, and Bernard Avle – Director of news at Citi FM, among many others.

The British High Commission looks to support the development of an active and cohesive Chevening network to contribute to Ghana’s continued development. The alumni association will officially be launched on 10th February 2016 and will be hosted by the British High Commissioner. The event will bring together all beneficiaries of the prestigious scholarship programme, since its inception, alongside private and public organisation executives, helping to foster and strengthen partnerships. The association will look to provide a platform to share experiences, mentor opportunities and to promote discussions on national and global issues of unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers.

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