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Islam Analysis: Knowledge economies remain elusive

Image: Wikimedia

This article was originally published on the SciDev.Net Website 21 May 2012. Creative thinking critical in a move towards    knowledge based economies for Islamic countries. In 2003, the UN Development Programme issued a second edition of its Arab Human Development Report (AHDR). This highlighted the importance of countries spending more on research and development as the World moves toward a third …

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Students in Somerset, UK donate 100 computers to school in Ghana

The Ghana Group at the Chudley International depot on the morning of Friday 11th May

The Ghana Group at the Chudley International depot on the morning of Friday 11th May 2012 Students at a Business and Enterprise Specialist Status School in Somerset, UK are donating 100 second hand computers to a partner school in Ghana. Preston School, whose motto is “Excellence for All” are shipping the PCs to Harkmount Sinai Senior High School in Akropong, …

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Science academies urge action on environmental issues

This article was originally published on the SciDev.Net Website 15 May 2012. G8 countries to meet and discuss ways of integrating research and policy with regards to food security, energy needs and water supply. These issues are deemed the most important that have not yet been tackled by the G science initiative. Governments are to be supported by science academies to achieve …

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Vocational education needed to make NGP a reality

Image: Wikimedia

This article was originally published by Bua News 14 May 2012. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) hold congress to discuss the importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. South Africa’s Minister for Higher Education and Training highlights the technical skill shortage in the workforce, which is contributing to the decline of the manufacturing industry.   Pretoria – Technical and vocational …

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Africa’s hidden scourge needs an integrated approach

Long hospital stays make Buruli ulcer a costly disease Flickr/ ReSurge International

This article was originally published on the SciDev.Net Website 14 May 2012. Excessive tillage and poor irrigation systems exacerbate Buruli ulcer. The Benin branch of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture are to research how the bacterium is transmitted to humans.   Buruli ulcer could spread as agriculture intensifies in Africa, making prevention research vital, says agro-eco-health expert Rousseau Djouaka. The intensification of lowland agriculture has …

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UN appoints high-level development advisory panel

Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a member of the new UN development panel on MDGs Flickr/aktivioslo

This article was originally published on the SciDev.Net Website 14 May 2012. Millennium development  goals to be discussed by UN panel. There is to be more focus on social development, particularly education and health rather than the 1980s-style focus on economic growth.   The presidents of Indonesia and Liberia — Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — and the prime minister of …

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Egypt’s Zewail science city hit by universities’ dispute

Ahmed Zewail proposed a science city for Egypt in 1999 Flickr/pennstatelive

Egypt’s first science city — the Zewail City of Science and Technology — is set to open in September, but a dispute is raging over ownership of some of the facility’s buildings. The city was first proposed in 1999 by Nobel prize-winning chemist Ahmed Zewail , but work on the project became mired in delays due to political instability and bureaucracy, according Nature …

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Sub-Saharan Africa: Millennium villages project ‘a success’

The Millennium Villages Project aims to help African communities achieve the MDGs by 2015   Flickr/Sustainable Sanitation

The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) has significantly reduced infant mortality at sites across Sub-Saharan Africa, according to a study published this week (8 May) and reported on in Nature News. The project, which is spearheaded by the Earth Institute at Columbia University in the United States, aims to boost the health and food security of the poorest people in Africa, through investments in fields such as …

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New leader for Stellenbosch centre investigating invasive species


The director’s baton of the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (C·I·B) at Stellenbosch University was handed over from one world-class scientist to another. Prof Dave Richardson has taken up this leadership role since the beginning of May. This follows the resignation of the C·I·B’s founding director, Prof Steven Chown, who is to pursue his academic career further in …

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Tablet PC steals the show at higher education ICT Summit

PC Training and Business College’s brand new Tablet PC initiative has stolen the shown at the 2012 ICT Summit.  The event was a gathering of the continent’s top higher education providers and government officials to consider creative technology for resourceful and pioneering applications in education and research. The Tablet PC is making all the right noises at the 2012 ICT …

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