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IOM, Partners Unite to ‘End Malaria For Good’


Today, World Malaria Day 2016, IOM joins the World Health Organization, Member States, global health stakeholders and key affected communities in calling for concerted and coordinated efforts to “End Malaria For Good” as reflected in the Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016-2030.* According to WHO, 3.2 billion of the world’s population remains at risk of malaria. There is an urgent …

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World Malaria Day: The SDC reaffirms its commitment to fight malaria


There has been some success in the fight against malaria since the turn of the millennium – not least thanks to Switzerland’s activities in this field. Nevertheless, more than 400,000 people still die from the disease every year, mostly children under five. At the event to mark World Malaria Day on 25 April 2016, SDC Director General Manuel Sager therefore …

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African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) to celebrate historic progress in fight against malaria in Africa with 2016 ALMA Awards for Excellence

alma copy

The African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) 2016 Awards for Excellence will be presented on 30 January at 13:00-14:00 (EAT) in the African Union Conference Centre Multipurpose Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The ALMA Awards, which recognize 13 countries in three categories, will be presented at the African Union as part of the programme for the Heads of State Summit. The …

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Scientists slip infertility gene into malaria mosquito

malaria mos

By – Maria Elena Hurtado – SciDev.Net Researchers have produced the first-ever mosquito with genes that cause infertility in offspring, and hope to use this method to slash malaria transmission and deaths. Using ‘gene drive’ technology — so called because it drives a dominant gene through a population — a team led by researchers at Imperial College London in the …

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Genes that protect African children from developing malaria identified

Hugh Sturrock, Wellcome Images

Variations in DNA at a specific location (or ‘locus’) on the genome that protect African children from developing severe malaria, in some cases nearly halving a child’s chance of developing the life-threatening disease, have been identified in the largest genetic association study of malaria to date. Published today in Nature, the findings detail a new gene locus that can explain …

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Notre Dame biologist leads sequencing of the genomes of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Nora Besansky, O'Hara Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dam

Nora Besansky, O’Hara Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame and a member of the University’s Eck Institute for Global Health, has led an international team of scientists in sequencing the genomes of 16 Anopheles mosquito species from around the world. Anopheles mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting human malaria parasites that cause an estimated 200 million cases …

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How we could have a World without malaria [Infographic]


How We Could Have A World Without Malaria [Infographic] by the team at Work The World

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Novartis convenes 13th annual malaria expert panel with a focus on access to quality antimalarials across Africa

Dr. Linus Igwemezie, Head of the Novartis Malaria Initiative

Malaria experts from countries across Africa are meeting today •    Malaria experts and leaders meet to share innovative strategies in the fight against the disease •    There is a need for quality-assured antimalarial treatments in both the private and public sectors •    Half of patients in Africa buy antimalarials from the private sector(1) where wide availability of sub-standard treatment is putting patients’ lives …

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Novartis and Malaria No More provide two million antimalarial treatments to children in Zambia


•          One million antimalarial treatments donated by Novartis, matching one million treatments funded through Malaria No More’s Power of One campaign •          Power of One enables the public to fund malaria tests and treatments for children in Africa through online and mobile technology •          Today marks World Health Day, focusing on vector-borne diseases, of which malaria is the most deadly …

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Switzerland steps up its commitment to the fight against malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis


The Federal Council has approved a contribution of CHF 60 million for the 2014-2016 period for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). Switzerland was one of the founders of the Geneva-based fund in 2002 and has been one of its key partners since the beginning. Malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis remain the leading causes of death in …

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