Deadline Approaches for $6,500 Africa-Adapt Innovation Fund

The deadline for submissions for Africa-Adapt’s 2nd annual knowledge sharing innovation fund of $6,500 of 3rd September is fast approaching. The fund seeks to support small-scale projects that offer innovative and practical ideas and strategies for communicating and sharing between different stakeholder groups. The emphasis is on specific initiatives for climate change adaptation that engage marginalised communities.

The fund was started in 2009, with the winner being the Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture & Environment (AUPWAE). AUPWAE is the Ugandan chapter of The African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment Network (AWLAE-Net).  The challenges for the Ugandan women were the poverty and lack of alternatives, making it difficult to convince local communities of the need to conserve the environment. Trees are thus cut for fuel to create land for the lucrative sugar cane growing industry.

Africa-Adapt is trying to reach out to marginalised communities that are most directly threatened by climatic impacts. To apply for the fund African researchers, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks are encouraged to submit their ideas before the deadline of 3rd September. They are looking for initiatives of innovative knowledge sharing that could include activities such as the performing arts, radio/TV broadcasts and phone-ins, art works, videos, etc. The essential element is the engagement of poor and/or marginalised groups in ways where they can learn from and share useful knowledge on climate change.

Applicants must be based in Africa. The competition is open to research, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks across Africa. Organisations must be registered in their host country.  International organisations may apply provided that they are registered in Africa and have collaboration with partners in Africa; but clearly preference is given to applications exclusively from local African organisations.

Submission forms are available at:


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