South Africa: Science centres strengthen grass-root campaigns

Pretoria – Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor says science centres have a crucial role to play in strengthening grass-roots science awareness campaigns.

Speaking at the opening of the University of North West Science Campus in Mafikeng today, Minister Pandor said the task of taking science to all corners of the country is a huge one that no single individual or organisation can carry out alone.

She said the opening of this science centre marks an important milestone in the community-engagement programme of the North West University.

The science centre will benefit learners, students and the public in Mafikeng and adjacent areas, the minister said.

“The world in which we live is highly dependent on science and technology to improve the social and economic lives of South Africans.”

She said science has helped gain an understanding of how human activity is warming the climate, and what impact that will have on food and water security, and, crucially, what needs to be done to slow or reverse the warming trend.

“Our lives have been immeasurably improved by science and engineering.

“Together, they have provided us with fast transport and communications, safe and comfortable accommodation, better medical care, abundant energy, reliable and clean water and food, and infrastructures to support all these necessities,” the minister said.

Source – BuaNews