African Children to get Digital Education

IT Schools Africa (ITSA) and Computers for African Schools (CFAS) are organizations who recycle old computers by sending them to schools Africa. Both charities are based out of Cheltenham, United Kingdom, and have sent 27,000 used computers to Africa, equipped over 1,000 schools with IT labs, as well as trained over 650 teachers in countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Madagascar.

“We believe transforming education is one of the best tools for improving the lives of individual Africans and helping develop their countries. African children are a great investment. They deserve to be part of the digital era,” said ITSA’s program director Tim Barnes.

The organizations also help the environment by recycling computers for further use, rather then disposing of the equipment. When the computers and technology sent to Africa reaches the end of its day, the charities work with distribution partners in Africa to ensure all parts are recycled and properly taken care of.

“Reusing IT equipment saves energy and resources, prevents hazardous materials from ending up in the landfill and is 20 times more effective than recycling at saving life-cycle energy use,” said Tim.

Source – TheRecordLive