AfricanBrains launches African Education Summit 2011

African Education Summit, 15-16 June 2011, Sharm El Sheikh

The African Education Summit is a landmark event to bring together the key stakeholders and institutions under one roof to face the challenges of maintaining the levels of both public and private sector investment. The summit is aimed at generating concrete output with an innovative agenda focussing directly on the needs of investment in education & technology across Africa. The agenda will have a special emphasis on the partnerships formed by private sector companies, technology leaders and government ministries for education, higher education, communications and science & technology.

Mission Statement Accelerate economic & social development in Africa by strengthening investment in education from teaching and research to ICT and institutional development (libraries, laboratories, information systems) to infrastructure and capacity building.

Key Issues

  • Demand for education in Africa is rising faster than governments can supply
  • Greater investment is needed from primary through to higher education for Africa to compete in the global knowledge based economy
  • Long-term financing needed with a variety of solutions involving governments supporting the private sector, debt sharing, microfinance, lending to schools and students, donor and foundation investment in education.
  • Expansion of vocational and technical post-secondary education
  • Expansion of bandwidth, investment in ICT, building research networks, developing digital campuses, utilising wireless technologies
  • Developing centres of excellence in science & technology and encouraging investment into African institutes of technology
  • Private sector investment to fill the “skills gap”
  • Increasing women’s opportunities, including gender equity in enrolment, women’s undergraduate scholarships and academic staff development
Participating Groups

  • African ministries of education and ministries of science & technology
  • African universities, research institutes and technology networks
  • Inter-governmental organisations and multilateral financial institutions
  • Private sector companies
  • ICT leaders and investors
  • Investment funds, banks and microfinance institutions
  • International foundations dedicated to African education programmes
  • Donor agencies
  • International partner universities

Sample of Invited Groups

■ UNESCO ■ IFC/World Bank Group ■ African Development Bank ■ USAID
■ NEPAD ■ European Commission ■ African Assoc. of Universities ■ DFID
■ infoDev ■ Africa Commission ■ Research ICT Africa ■ NORAD
■ ECOWAS ■ African Union ■ Nelson Mandela Institute ■ CIDA/IDRC
■ UNECA ■ Carnegie Foundation ■ African Virtual University ■ DANIDA