UNECA praises Africa’s technology transfers

Mr Victor Konde, an expert in ICT, Science and Technology, of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) says Africa has made significant strides in technology transfer from other continents.

Konde made the statement in Addis Ababa on Tuesday at a policy dialogue and inauguration of trends in technology transfer in Africa by UNECA.

He said in the last 20 years the economies of most African countries had been liberalised, while political systems and adopted democratic values and rule of law were being established.

“Despite the teething challenges that the continent went through in the 1990s, Africa has posted positive and impressive growth in real growth domestic product (GDP), attracting more investment and benefiting from favourable trade terms,’’ he said.

Konde said technology was one of the components recognised to be positively associated with foreign direct investment, trade and economic growth.

He noted that Africa was not a major producer of capital goods, as its exports in capital goods remained largely unchanged.

According to him, Asia has joined Europe as a net exporter of capital goods, while Latin American and Caribean exports of capital goods have grown at the same speed as that of Asia.

“While Africa remains a small importer of capital goods, it has registered the fastest growth in the import of capital goods between 2001 and 2006 than any other regions,’’ Konde said.

Konde urged African countries to promote University-Industry-Government partnership for improved technology advancement and researches.

He said the continent should also use its engineers in strategic constructions, promote industrial alliances and seek intellectual research and development agreements.

Source – The Tide