African Stock Investment Competition Launches Program to Support University Student Clubs

The African Stock Investment Competition (ASIC) has joined forces with student clubs across the globe, especially those focused on African business and emerging market finance, to support their efforts in promoting the value of Africa. To increase student participation in the competition, ASIC will donate team registration fees to the clubs supporting the program.

“We are proud of the work student clubs do on their campuses to raise the profile of Africa and we are excited to support them. By giving the registration fee back to the clubs that support ASIC, this creates a fundraising opportunity for clubs as well as a way for students to participate for free.  ASIC is dedicated to promoting and increasing the efforts of university clubs, because we know that students are the future global leaders and can do so much to influence how the world views investment opportunities in Africa,” says J. Skyler Fernandes, Chief Operating Officer of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America – an ASIC lead partner.

ASIC is comprised of two competition levels – individual and team trading. Students can win cash and/or prizes.

The ASIC Level 1 – Individual Competition runs from late February to mid-May 2011. The individual competition involves a series of quizzes covering each of the African stock exchanges, using a fun, competitive platform. Students can see how they compare with other participants on a scoreboard over the course of the competition. Registration is open through February 20, 2011.

The ASIC Level 2 – Team Trading Competition runs from March through September 2011. Student teams compete against each other to develop the best performing growth portfolio over the six-month period. Each team gets 1 million virtual Rands (~140,000 U.S. Dollars) to start. The competition is run on the virtual trading platform used by the JSE/Liberty Investment Challenge in South Africa, which simulates the activity of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The Offering to Student Clubs – As student teams register for the ASIC Level 2 Team Trading Competition, they pay a registration fee. If a team indicates that it is supporting a particular student club which has joined on to the ASIC offer, ASIC will donate the entire registration fee to that student club. Registration is open through February 26, 2011.

While ASIC is focused on raising the investment profile of Africa in the eyes of university students, the ASIC team also recognizes the importance of having an ongoing effort to reach individuals in their professional and business environments. So, ASIC has also created fun, online quizzes that allow anyone to compete using their basic knowledge of African capital markets. “We think the idea of using an online quiz to engage and draw people to the African capital markets is a great way to start a conversation. Even if people don’t know much to start, I think their eyes will really be opened up by this fun approach,” says Hubert Danso, Managing Director of Africa investor – an ASIC lead partner.

To register for the Level 1 or Level 2 competition, go to:

ASIC is being organized by Afribiz, Africa investor, South African Chamber of Commerce in America (SACCA), and Universal Creativ Solutions. Supporting organizations include the African Press Organization (APO), Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Global Africa Media, and Wilson Global Communications.

Source – CSR Africa Daily – By Millicent Njeri / Press Release