Bestnet Europe Ltd. Educates Children on Five Continents in Recognition of World Malaria Day

Bestnet Europe Ltd. announced the successful completion of their weeklong campaign to educate hundreds of children on five continents that sleeping under Netprotect® Long Lasting Insecticide Incorporated Mosquito Nets can save lives.

Bestnet Europe Ltd

In recognition of World Malaria Day, the program was presented on five continents: by Bestnet agents in DRC, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Pakistan, and Ecuador; and also in schools in the US and Denmark. As a result, many hundreds of children have been taught about the basic life cycle of malaria and about the value of sleeping under a Netprotect® LLIN to protect themselves and their families from this deadly disease which claims the life of a child every 45 seconds.

“World Malaria Day has been designated as a chance for all of us to make a difference in the fight against malaria,” according to Trine Sig, Bestnet Director of Sales & Marketing. “To meet the challenge of making a difference in the lives of those most at risk of malaria, Bestnet created a unique and comprehensive malaria educational program. The program and all visual aids have been specially designed to transcend all age, cultural and language barriers so that the materials can be utilized in any country in the world.”

The program includes a basic lesson plan and a large poster that illustrates the life cycle of malaria and teaches simple steps that can be taken to prevent malaria. These materials are accompanied by a series of original graphic illustrations to convey these messages. Furthermore, it is an interactive program that includes an engaging classroom project that demonstrates the life cycle of malaria.

“Although the program was specifically designed for use on World Malaria Day 2011, it can actually be used at any time of the year to teach children and adults about malaria and that sleeping under a Netprotect® LLIN can save lives,” said Doreen Weatherby, US Sales & Marketing Manager. Weatherby, who is responsible for the program’s concept and lesson plan, continued, “Bestnet was delighted to learn that educators in the US and Denmark have also chosen to present this lesson plan and look forward to this program continuing to be incorporated into classrooms and other malaria education efforts throughout the world on a year-round basis.”

Bestnet’s entire program, including the lesson plan (in English, Spanish and French), all illustrations and the posters, are readily available for download on the company’s website by clicking either on the green section of the banner at the top of the Bestnet homepage at or by directly visiting the Bestnet World Malaria Day webpage.

Source – CSR Africa Daily – By Millicent Njeri