School SMEs boost quality of education in Ghana

School infrastructure across Africa has, since the dawn of independence, been deteriorating at a faster pace as maintenance is almost non-existent and building of new facilities stalls. This, coupled with high teacher-pupil ratio, corruption and nepotism, lack of qualified teaching staff and basic teaching material, have pushed the African education system into the doldrums and plunged it into absolute chaos.

Issa Sikiti da Silva

As successive governments, led by thieves and tyrannical power-mongers, fail to save their education systems, the private sector’s entry into the chaotic scene was imperative to rescue afflicted parents and students from oblivion.

In Ghana, the Trust Bank (TTB), buoyed by the 2005 Ghana Private School Support Programme (GPSSP), formed a partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a member of the World Bank Group – to provide loans to eligible private basic schools for construction, purchase of educational materials and other capital expenditures.

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