AMD attending MEA Digital Consumer Channel event

Components vendor AMD is participating at this week’s Digital Consumer Channel (DCC) Middle East & Africa (MEA) retail channel event, which is taking place in Fujairah, UAE, from May 17th to 19th. AMD will use the event to reiterate its commitment to the region’s retail channel and participate in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings.

Bernard Biolchini, VP sales and general manager Middle East, Turkey and North Africa at AMD, said: “The event is a great opportunity to develop, build and enhance our relationships with pan-MEA customers and partners, both existing and new. This face-time is essential to ensure they receive the best standard of service and at the same time, it is also a chance to gain vital insight into their pain points and needs. We can then build their feedback into our future plans.”

“In terms of the event itself, part of its attraction is the way it’s run and organised – for instance, the online meeting scheduling system is a very efficient, effective way of organising attendees’ time,” he added. “Holding it in the month of May allows us to leverage on the opportunity to layout our agenda for the remainder of the year and communicate our goals and timelines to partners and customers.”

“We are committed to ensuring our products are the leaders in the market. By working closely with our partners, we ensure that our solutions are always developed with customer needs, pain-points and ambitions in mind and not for the sake of technology alone. It’s a philosophy we refer to as ‘customer-centric innovation’, and it represents the guiding principles behind everything we do,” Biolchini continued.

AMD will promote its accelerated processing unit (APU) at DCC MEA 2011. The Fusion APU brings together CPUs and GPUs on a single chip and is set to transform the computing industry, according to the vendor. AMD believes that this product will create a wealth of opportunities for the entire channel and retail ecosystem.

“We have several USPs,” explained Biolchini. “Firstly, AMD is committed to high standards for all products – to setting, meeting and exceeding them – so we are confident that our partners are offering the best solutions in the market. We are also determined to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, introducing new products that will drive both progression and profit within the industry.”

“Secondly, our marketing programmes offer real financial benefits for partners. Aside from generating more sales opportunities, which has an obvious upside for partners, we also reward partners for selling more products,” he continued. “The emphasis of the Fusion partner programme, as an example for distributors, is on linearity which means that instead of focusing on an end-of-quarter target, our partners measure their sales against more regular check-points.”

“This helps spread credit and incentivise the teams, providing benefits at regular intervals throughout the quarter. The timeline also matches the programmes given to master distributors so there is increased synergy across the board. Overall, they are likely to sell more and get rewarded for doing so,” said Biolchini.

“AMD’s approach to retail marketing is built on a positive sum partnership model,” added Biolchini. “That is, we are always present with retailers and OEM vendors in any form of activity driven either by the retailer or AMD. We encourage and support retailer’s marketing efforts at the store level and in the media where we drive our marketing efforts to supplement the retailers hard work – this includes AMD-funded promoters, ‘store-in-store’ concepts, and point of sales (POS) material among other things.”

AMD’s top priorities for the channel include retailer channel education, sales trainings and ensuring that our retail partners have the necessary tools to be successful. All of this is geared towards the overall aim of increasing market share. The AMD team will be available to meet with delegates throughout DCC MEA 2011 in suite 212, which is located in the event’s Hospitality Zone.

Source – Channel EMEA