Wavetec Adds Kenya to Its Global Location

Nairobi: As part of its global expansion plan, Wavetec has announced its new office in Kenya. Expansion in this region is a reflection of Wavetec’s vision to offer its technology solutions to its customers in Africa at their doorstep.

This will help Wavetec to augment customer service experience & information display solutions at a global level. The strategic move will allow the company to penetrate into the African emerging markets which are seen to have higher growth rates.

An analysis by The Economist finds that over the last 10 years, 6 of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies were in Africa. IMF forecasts Africa will grab 7 of the top 10 places over the next five years.

Wavetec’s unique capability to customize its systems according to the needs of its clients, will benefit banks, airlines, telecoms, hospitals, sports arenas, stock exchanges and Government utilities.

Mr Sadiq Hassan, Manager Africa Operations at Wavetec said “East Africa is an untapped market with a rapidly growing banking and telecom industry. Our customized products will help these organizations to completely revolutionize customer service experience and digital displays.

A mix of our innovative marketing team, energetic sales personnel, state of the art technology and dedicated customer support will allow us to easily establish ourselves as a major player in the league. In the near future, we are expecting to add some renowned organizations to our client list”.

“We believe that the East African Market is absolutely ready to welcome innovations in technology and we, certainly, believe in being at the right place at the right time, so here we are in Kenya” said Mr.Tobias Bassone, GM Wavetec Dubai.

As a global leader in queue management systems, digital display solutions and system integration solutions, it is the ideal time for Wavetec to strengthen its position in East Africa. Wavetec enjoys a strong reputation of a global technology company with its presence in over 35 countries.

In Kenya Chase Bank & Equity Bank are already using Wavetec’s products to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and redefine the experience of service delivery.