Nigeria training teachers in ICT

The Nigerian government is looking to increase education and training in the information and communications sector. All Africa ICT reported that more than 4,000 school teachers will take part in a new program to educate them on technology efforts in order to bolster the country’s IT education.

University of AbujaUniversity of Abuja

According to the report, the five-day training workshop began on Tuesday at the College of Education in Abuja.
The aim is to focus on training teachers in a number of ICT subjects so they will be able to take the skills back to the classroom, College Provost Tijiani Ismail was reported to have said.
Local teachers said they are excited about the new efforts to promote technology in the country. Maria Manina, an elementary teacher in Lagos, said that children deserve a better future where they can compete on the international stage.

“What our younger generation needs and deserves is a future where they understand the ins and outs of IT and computers and the Internet because this will make certain that Nigeria can push forward as a leader in Africa through education,” she said.
The workshop will center around new curricula that will enable schools to use the resources currently available in generating interest and understanding in the technological fields.

Source – IT News Africa David Eto