Tanzania: Virtual Care from Alberta Medics

An eight-year old African boy, who is totally dependent upon his old grandmother for his care both physically and mentally, recently became the subject and recipient of virtual medical care.

virtual medical care
Virtual Medical care in Tanzania

Mr. Russell Wong is a third-year University of Alberta medical student, who is putting his best efforts to help the eight year old suffering from cerebral palsy and severe bedsores.  In a bid to try to get immediate treatment to the boy, the medical student took photographs of the boy and uploaded them along with the boy’s medical history to a secure website.

Soon the case was accessed by Edmonton Dermatologist Dr. Jaggi Rao, who is already working upon a program known as Consult Derm through which he offers long-distance medical assistance to patients with skin problems.

Uploading details on a website and the efforts of Dr. Rao proved great to the pair, as soon the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief consulted the pair with Frank Artress, a California doctor living in Tanzania.

Wong soon made a house call and met the young boy and started treating his disease under Rao’s virtual guidance. Moreover, he was able to advise the grandmother about the vital care needed to help alleviate her grandson’s suffering.

Wong recently spent several weeks in Tanzania as part of an Edmonton-inspired telehealth project that has now expanded into Africa. Its goal is to help diagnose patients over the Internet and treat dermatological conditions that are rampant in developing countries, particularly in children, such as infections, burns, fungal and bacterial infections.

Source – French Tribune.com  Nimisha Sachdev, September 3,  2011