The world’s first alcohol-free, whisky-flavored drink

ArKay Beverages, the world’s first alcohol-free, whisky-flavored drink is made with only certified Halal ingredients! Since its introduction to the world two weeks ago, the media has been buzzing over the concept of a non-alcoholic, whisky-flavored drink that tastes just like the “real thing” and with 0% alcohol can be enjoyed by those who would otherwise not be able to drink.

Arkay alcohol free Whisky flavoured drink

The product is designed for individuals, who due to health or religious reasons cannot consume alcohol, people who simply choose not to drink or are concerned with the consequences of drinking and driving.

ArKay Beverages in consideration and respect for all consumers, has taken the extra-step to ensure that its product conforms to Halal guidelines and is made with all certified Halal ingredients. This genuine whisky-flavored, non-alcoholic beverage, has been tested and reviewed by Halal organizations and it has been deemed that it conforms to Halal standards.

All of ArKay’s ingredients are indeed Halal certified. ArKay Beverages is the pioneer of this innovative concept. After five years of beverage industry research, surveys and testing, ArKay was created and developed as a non-alcoholic, whisky-flavored drink for mass consumption. It is considered a soft drink and is suitable for any party occasion or for enjoyment anytime.

The team at ArKay Beverages is dedicated to the production of a high quality beverage in accordance with European Economic Community (EEC) regulations and within the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“We want everyone to know that ArKay is beverage that they can enjoy,” stated Zeshan Ahmed, Vice President for ArKay Beverages, “our product conforms to strict Halal standards and the fact that it contains no alcohol whatsoever, is just one way that we let the consumer know we are respectful of their needs and beliefs.”

The response for ArKay by consumers and distributors world-wide has been overwhelming and certain to bring this unique alcohol-free beverage to a location near you.

For more information on becoming a qualified distributor or importer of ArKay alcohol-free whisky, please visit Arkay can be pre-ordered online for our December 1st launch. “Don’t Drink and Drive Unless it’s ArKay.!” Source: ArKay Beverages, Inc.

Source:- ArKay Beverages, Inc – November 14, 2011


  1. Congratulations on perfecting a non-alcoholic whiskey that supposedly tastes like the real thing. As a non-drinker who gave up alcohol about 5 years ago, it is not easy to find non-alcoholic drinks, especially ones that taste good. And there is only so much Coke you can drink in an evening!


  2. I am based in south africa and would like to order a few bottle’s where can I buy the product

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