Sami Yusuf Supports WFP in the Horn of Africa With ‘Forgotten Promises’

Multi-talented recording artist Sami Yusuf has released his new single “Forgotten Promises” to help the UN World Food Programme (WFP) provide assistance to millions of drought-affected people in the Horn of Africa.

“Sami Yusuf has gracefully dedicated his voice to the voiceless people in the Horn of Africa,” said Ashraf Hamouda, WFP’s Head of Partnership and Business Development for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf.

“They are counting on people like him to tell the world about their silent suffering.”

Yusuf, a WFP Celebrity Partner, will donate the entire proceeds of his new single to help WFP sustain and scale-up its relief efforts in the Horn of Africa, which has been struck by the worst drought it has seen in 60 years.

“Forgotten Promises” is the backbone of the “LiveFeed” campaign, an initiative to raise awareness and funds to help end hunger in the devastated Horn of Africa through music. The slogan of the campaign, which was rolled out online this week, is “Listen. Help.”

“Today, the crisis Horn of Africa is no longer on the front pages, but children, mothers and entire families continue to feel the effects of the drought. Organizations like WFP are counting on our support to save more lives,” said Yusuf. “This is precisely what my new song is about: we have a moral duty to help save lives; we can’t just forget our promise.”

People can contribute to WFP by downloading the song or by making a direct donation online at The song costs US $0.99 to download-enough to feed two people in the Horn of Africa.

Donations can also be made at

The “LiveFeed” campaign was developed by international advertising firm JWT and sponsored by UAE-based conglomerate Al Aroud Group and RUS Aviation.

“I see the ‘LiveFeed’ campaign as not just another charity project, but as a lifetime pledge to help bring awareness and end hunger in the Horn of Africa,” Yusuf told his fans through his blog.

The CD version of “Forgotten Promises” will hit music stands across the Middle East in the first week of January 2012. In the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan, Virgin Megastores, one of many stores to sell the single, will waive its fees in order to increase donations to WFP.

The UK-based Yusuf will perform in Dubai for the first time in the beginning of next year to promote the “LiveFeed” campaign.

Drought in the Horn of Africa, coupled with conflict in Somalia, has affected over 13 million people. Since July, WFP has reached 7.9 million people with direct food assistance in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and Uganda. WFP aims to reach almost 11 million people in the coming months.

Source: All Africa.Com – 21 Dec 2011