East African labs to adopt uniform benchmarks

A new proficiency testing scheme that requires all labs in East Africa to better their services is likely to reduce on haphazard work as the region moves to promote the delivery of standardised services.

The move requires that tested product in laboratories across the region produce results that meet set standards. The labs that have excelled in the region’s proficiency testing scheme include Chemiphar (U) Ltd, Uganda Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory, Bidco (U) Limited, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Uganda Industrial Research Institute, and Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Makerere University.

The above, are among the labs in East Africa that have undertaken this programmme that is running for the sixth year. “This happens once a year and it is running for the sixth time. The proficiency testing scheme is out to assist in testing the labs to ascertain that they have proper measurements,” The PTS coordinator in Uganda Dalton Kaviri.

Many private and public labs that are in operation do not meet the testing standards. This means there are many products on the market that do not meet the standards because they are tested by these ‘fake’ labs.

Source: Monitor – 2 Jan 2012