Africa benefiting from fibre cable broadband – Network Cables

The rollout of fibre cables is helping businesses and consumers in the developing world to take advantage of the internet, it has been reported.

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) said the African nation is reaping the benefits of fibre technology, which includes cables and fibre optic patch leads.

The deployment of next-generation networking equipment has both helped improve internet services and increase affordability, the firm told the Business Times.

Esther Masi, product manager at MTL Business-Plus, said the international links facilitated by fibre optic cables have “several advantages” over the satellite services used elsewhere.

Including higher bandwidth at more affordable prices, greater reliability and fast transmission are among the advantages, she claimed.

“The links have allowed [us] to provide good quality voice and internet services to customers who include individuals, residential, businesses as well as other telecommunication and internet service providers,” Ms Masi noted.

In the UK, a number of broadband providers – including BT, Virgin Media and KC – are rolling out fibre cables to deliver improved broadband services in their network areas.

Source: Comms Express.Com – 11 Jan 2012