World Vision honoured for its Social Responsibility Initiatives in South Africa

World Vision South Africa has received an overall award for its Social Responsibility Programmes and Initiatives in South Africa. “We are very proud of this accolade, especially as it is a tribute from the public at large to the service excellence that we offer as we strive to address the root causes of poverty and ensure the well-being of children,” says Lehlohonolo Chabeli, National Director of World Vision South Africa.

WVSA’s Executive associate to director, Solly Machaba, recieves award for its social responsibility programmes and initiatives in South Africa

At a special award function held on November 28, 2011 in Johannesburg, awards were granted to the most nominated or highly-rated organisations or individuals that are seen to have accomplished the most in their sector to stimulate an economic growth and development in South Africa.

The Professional Management Review (PMR) Africa annual national survey assesses companies and institutions in the country perceived to enhance economic development, growth and stability through their corporate social responsibility programmes and initiatives. Companies that are held in high esteem as good corporate citizens or individuals that are seen as influential business people are thus awarded special recognition for their contribution to business.

This award reaffirms that World Vision South Africa is making progress in fulfilling its primary objective, which is to transform and develop sustainable communities, fit for children.

“Our project staff, who live in the communities where they are working, have covered a massive ground in terms of transformational development, agriculture and food security, education, health and HIV/AIDS, local economic development, disaster relief and advocacy,” Chabeli said.

The work done by World Vision South Africa pivots on long-term sustainability. It is a momentous challenge, given the vast situations of poverty and economic imbalances in the country, yet World Vision South Africa is making an important and significant impact.

The 18 World Vision projects are spread over six of the nine provinces in South Africa. “With this award we recognise with appreciation the efforts of our staff and communities we work with, who are selflessly expending their time and gifts to share their love for the welfare of the children of our country,” Chabeli concluded.

Source: World Vision in Africa.Org – 13 Jan 2012