SA: Epson brings affordable, engaging learning to classrooms

Epson has introduced its second generation of ultra-short-throw projectors to the education market, with four new models now available to enhance the education and learning experience.

The interactive EB-485Wi projector

Epson is the world’s leading projector manufacturer, and has developed new features for the ultra-short-throw range, such as more responsive interactive pens and PC-free connectivity, to help bring engaging learning to more classrooms.

Ultra-short-throw interactive projectors

The interactive EB-485Wi and EB-475Wi projectors feature two interactive pens. They allow teachers and students to write on the screen at the same time, making collaborative work easier. These lightweight pens are highly responsive and easy to use, and include the new ‘hover’ function that accurately detects when they are not in contact with the projection surface.

In addition to working with popular computer software, these projectors have a PC-free functionality and ‘instant annotation’ tool. Teachers can make any flat surface interactive without being connected to a PC and can even annotate moving images and photos when the device is linked up to a DVD player. The projectors can be mounted in four positions, including under glass-top tables, to offer greater interactive options for engaging group work.

Ultra-short-throw projectors

Like the interactive projectors, the non-interactive versions, the EB-485W, EB475W, EB-480 and EB-470, can project large images from a very short distance, ensuring shadows are minimised. All projectors are easy to install, as everything needed to do so is included in the box.

Horizontal keystone correction enables straightforward picture alignment, while the plug-and-play USB functionality, plus a built-in 16W speaker, means that one cable is all that’s needed for image, sound and page up-down control in a complete multimedia package.

Kelvin Reynolds, general manager at Epson Southern Africa, says: “These new projectors are the perfect tool for schools to capture young minds in a more engaging learning environment. With Epson’s 3LCD technology, teachers and students can experience high-quality images with vivid, natural colours and deep blacks, even in daylight, and with the addition of HDMI inputs, high-definition content can be shown with maximum clarity.”

Reynolds adds: “We realise the economic climate is tough for many schools and authorities, so we’ve developed six different models to suit a variety of budgets and help keep running costs low. One way we’ve managed this is with the long lamp and filter lifespans, which means they don’t have to be replaced as often.”

Source: IT Web.Co – 14 Feb 2012