ATPS to Participate in the first Africa Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for youth employment

ATPS, through its African Youth Forum for Science and Technology (AYFST) will participate in the first Africa Forum on STI for Youth Employment, Human Capital Development and Inclusive Growth in Africa. The forum, organised by the African Union Commission, UNECA and UNESCO in collaboration with ADEA and the African Development Bank, will be hosted by the Government of Kenya from 1st – 3rd April 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Forum is based on two fundamental premises – that Science and Technology (S&T) is not a luxury reserved for rich countries or aspiring middle-income countries; rather, it is a necessity for lower income countries that want to develop and implement sustainable solutions to pressing development challenges such as food security, clean energy, clean water, and health care; and the second being that even the best designed S&T programs will not generate the expected development outcomes unless scientific inventions and discoveries can move fast and efficiently from the lab to the intended recipients, generating employment opportunities for young workers that will be entering the African labor force in the next 10 years. The meeting targets the African Ministers in charge of STI, Education, and Finance to interact with the private sector, academia and scientific communities globally on how to promote inclusive development through scientific and technological innovation in Africa.

The Africa STI Forum will showcase the best practices from Africa and around the world for addressing these issues and it will explore how similar programs can be designed, developed and implemented in Africa. An exhibition will also run in parallel to provide an opportunity for African innovators to showcase their work.

ATPS will be represented at the meeting by Mr. Ernest Acheampong, the AYFST coordinator, Mr Tennyson Magombo, the chair of AYFST, Engr. Emeka Victor Ngwoke, the Coordinator of AYFST-Nigeria Chapter and Dr Michèle Mboo, the coordinator of AWFST.

Source: African technology policy network – 30 March 2012