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Historically an educator, a writing board and the learner’s participation has been regarded as a convenient learning practice – the “chalk and talk” method.  The learning environment has been evolving with the advent of Information Communications Technology (ICTs) revolution that is sweeping across the education sector. The introduction of YouTube in 2005 has enabled millions of people to share videos online, irrespective of geographical location.

Mindset Learn, NPO that creates and distributes multi-media educational content for teachers and learners mainly in Grades 10 – 12, joined the revolution and encouraged its audience to access and interact with video lessons on YouTube. The organisation has recently uploaded over 700 learning video material to YouTube. Trough social media platforms, such as YouTube, learners are able to view videos of complicated science experiments, which would otherwise be left to imagination.

By creating the YouTube channel, Mindset Learn extends its distribution of educational content, which is already broadcast on television channels 319 (DStv and Top tv). The exercise further complements already existing Mindset Learn online platforms such as Facebook and website, which interact with learners across the globe.

Mindset Learn Facebook page encourages learners to post problematic questions in critical subjects, which are responded to by allocated subjects experts within 48 hours. Often, when a question is posted another learner provides an answer before the Mindset Learn team can even get there, this shows the power of social media. It generates quick responses, has no geographical boundaries, and is cost effective. Mindset Learn team now only moderate responses instead of ‘teaching’, which gives learners room to share experiences and knowledge.

Grade 10 – 12 learners of Mathematics, English, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Maths Literacy, Geography and Accounting may join Mindset Learn community on the following social platforms: YouTube/Mindsetlearn, Facebook: Mindset Learn Xtra, and Twitter: @learnxtra. Otherwise regular broadcast schedule on channels 319 (DStv and Toptv) is available on website:

By Goodman Chauke (Mindset learn: Marketing Manager)


Source: Mindset – Press release – 25 April 2012


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