Tablet PC steals the show at higher education ICT Summit

PC Training and Business College’s brand new Tablet PC initiative has stolen the shown at the 2012 ICT Summit.  The event was a gathering of the continent’s top higher education providers and government officials to consider creative technology for resourceful and pioneering applications in education and research.

The Tablet PC is making all the right noises at the 2012 ICT Summit as attendees search for ways of creating “virtual universities” where quality higher education is accessible through technology to a broader student base. PC Training & Business College CEO Jay Ramnundlall said, “We presented the Tablet PC to delegates from all corners of Africa. Many have requested more information on obtaining these for their students back home as they feel this will push their students into the digital frontier.”

ICT4 Champions consultant and social media mastermind Maggie Verster was very impressed with the college’s Tablet PC initiative and has agreed to share her many ideas on how the college can take it even further using their newly upgraded WiFi infrastructure and social media.  She will also be putting the college’s Tablet PC through vigorous testing and promised to push it to its limits.

Zane Ramnundlall, presenting a Tablet PC to Maggie Verster (ICT4 Champions consultant and social media mastermind)

PC Training & Business College’s tablet initiative was launched earlier this year to great applaud from high ranking government officials and the higher education community. The move was an innovative and revolutionary step to invest in the college’s eLearning Strategy with a view to improve access to and the success rate in Higher Education. Valued at R3700, it is given free to all students who study for a full qualification with the college. PC Trainig & Business College invested over R100 million in ICT for education by making 23,000 Tablet PC’s freely available to its students. The nifty tablet will transform the way students engage with their lecturers and the college, from the registration process right through to the teaching and learning process. Students will have access to e-libraries and pre-loaded learning material empowering them to draw from a wider range of research material from all over the world.

The KZN MEC for Education, Mr E S Mchunu, commended PC Training & Business College on their Tablet PC initiative saying, “This is indeed a major contribution to tertiary Education by a private provider.”

Source: PC Training & Business College – Press Release – 27 April 2012