Power to the people

Access to electricity means access to the global community Image:Wikimedia


By: Marc McIlhone – AfricanBrains

An invention originally designed for the use of campers and backpackers has the potential to bring vital electricity to isolated rural communities throughout the developing World.

The PowerPotTM is an innovative power generator that produces electricity using state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology and has been road tested in rural villages in Ghana with great success.

Designed to be used on an open fire and with a silicon coating making it impermeable to mud, dust and dirt it is ideal for being used in off the grid communities in the developing World.

It can be used to power lighting, GPS devices, music devices and most importantly, mobile phones.

Telecommunications are becoming increasingly important in the developing World with the growth of social media, apps, banking and  Education all being accessed by mobile phone. This generator not only allows any phone with a USB cable to connect and be recharged, it also allows the isolated to connect to the global community.

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