SA: MTN wants spectrums urgently allocated

Business Live reports that MTN has urged the government to allocate unused spectrums so that the companies can roll-out the next generation of long-term evolution (LTE) technology to drive broadband penetration and improve Internet speeds.

According to the Business Live report, the LTE technology – also known as 4G – allows download speeds that are more than double those of existing technology, and it also improves reception in urban areas. LTE is now the global standard for broadband services. Communications Minister Dina Pule has told the network operators to “be patient” with government so that it can refine its spectrum policy.

MTN’s chief technological officer, Kanagaratnam Lambotharan, says that MTN demonstrated the new technology in tests last year that proved speeds of up to 70 megabits per second could be achieved. He says that MTN is investing R4,6bn in its network infrastructure this year, according to Business Live reports.

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