Businesses catering to South African customers can maximize their site’s performance

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Pretoria, South Africa – Osirion offers edge over foreign web hosts.

South Africa’s continued modernization in information technology and telecommunications means that for South African businesses, a modern web presence is more important than ever, given that improvements in South Africa’s broadband Internet infrastructures have brought more South African homes and businesses online than ever before.

However, some businesses make the mistake of hosting their sites – which target South African consumers – abroad. “There are plenty of places abroad that will host South African websites for relatively low costs, but South African webmasters should beware” explains Stan Wolford, founder of Osirion System Technologies. “Hosting a site abroad often results in undesirable latency, and inconveniences users. Plus,web hostingcompanies abroad rarely keep support staff around during South African working hours – it can be a real mess.”

Osirion System Technologies offers web hosting local to South Africa – guaranteeing fast website speeds. a one-stop shop for web needs – it provides in house domain hosting, web design, andweb developmentservices, allowing local businesses to get the web site they need to succeed in a short period of time, with superior levels of service.

About Osirion System Technologies:

Osirion System Technologies was formed in 2002 by IT professional Stan Wolford in order to consolidate ongoing freelance work and provide potential customers a website where they could go and get a list of services and prices. Since then, it has grown immensely, becoming involved in several different internet marketing areas including SEO, web design, and internet access. Osirion’s goals for 2012 are to increase total sales by 15% while while maintaining current costs, and to expand the company’s web hosting options.

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Source: Osirion – Press Release – 30 May 2012