SA businesses invited to Mozambique’s trade fair

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Mbombela – Mpumalanga businesses have until the end of the week to secure space at Mozambique’s biggest trade fair.

The Feira de Internacional de Maputo (Facim), which takes place in September, attracts investors from South Africa, Portugal, Brazil, India and as far as China.

“Companies can still apply to take part in the fair. The closing date for applications is June 29,” said Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (Mega) Foreign Trade and Investment division manager, Andrew Bülter, on Monday.

In 2011, Mozambique was South Africa’s largest export market in Africa. South Africa exported R17.18 billion worth of goods to Mozambique, compared to R13.85 billion in 2010 and R12.99 billion in 2009.

For the past eight years, Mega has promoted Mpumalanga businesses at the fair.
This year, the Mozambican authorities have given South Africa a national pavilion at the fair.

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti), along with Mega, are looking for businesses to promote their products as part of the pavilion.

Bülter said dti will cover most of the costs for businesses exhibiting at the fair. Only businesses registered for tax will be considered.

“Thus far, about 20 companies have requested the application form to get space and they are from all different kinds of sectors. Some are from the agricultural sector while other companies want to export building materials to Mozambique,” said Bülter.

In the past, businesses in the mining, construction, consumer goods, industrial goods, agriculture, tourism and the service industry exhibited at the fair.

“It is the perfect occasion for large companies as well as small companies to explore the Mozambican market and to exchange information and contacts,” said Bülter. “We are working hard to ensure black owned small businesses are also going to be part of the fair.”

About 25 percent of the 20 companies who have applied so far are black owned. Interested business owners can contact Mega on (013) 752 2440.

Source: BuaNews – Press release – 26 June 2012

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