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My Networked Life: Craig Charnock, Cape Town, South Africa
Meet Craig Makhosi Charnock, better known as Quite a White Ou. Craig recently burst onto the South African music scene with one goal in mind: to promote multiculturalism.

Aside from Quite a White Ou’s music, he owns a company called UBuntu Bridge, and has been teaching Xhosa for some eight years.

Craig Charnock, Cape Town, South Africa
“I can run my business and create my work anywhere I go.”
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Full Transcript:
In Mandela’s inauguration speech in 1994, he said that one of the greatest ways to contribute to nation building in South Africa would be for people to learn each other’s languages. I think that you’re acknowledging a culture and acknowledging a people when you speak to them in their own language. Ubuntu Bridge primarily teaches Xhosa language and culture courses. The reason I am so inspired to teach other people to speak Xhosa is because since I started, when I hardly spoke anything, even just saying a greeting often is enough to invoke the most warm and wonderful reactions from people. I create audio clips on my laptop which I then put up for download where I teach people little phrases in Xhosa.

I use my video camera to create video clips with which to teach people. The technology, it just really allows me to reach a larger community and a larger audience very quickly, and it also gives me great mobility. Work for me is a way in which to balance passion and creativity. The music video it’s meant to be an educational tool that entertains at the same time, and people can take from it what they want. I’m wanting to find a creative way to almost fool people into learning a bit of Xhosa.

Technology is amazing. A few song lyrics will come to my mind while I am driving or while I am walking along the street, so I just bring out the voice memo and I just record it straight in. I’ll just send that file straight to Fletcher, who produces the beats for the songs, and I go in to his recording studio and then we’ll just record over the beats.

My laptop obviously I take it wherever I go and only been the last year and half I’ve had this office, so usually my office is my laptop. I bought my first iPhone specifically so that I could do my business on a hill in the villages. I could in many ways run my business and create my work wherever I go.

Source: CiscoPress release2 August 2012