SA: Red & Yellow School merges it’s Logic & Magic with Quirk’s Digital

The Red & Yellow School of Logic & Magic, South Africa’s premier advertising college, is to merge with Quirk Education, the educational arm of Quirk, Africa’s largest digital agency and Bookmarks 2011 Digital Agency of the Year winner.

This watershed development for the academic sector and its many young bright minds will propel The Red & Yellow School into the forefront of the digital age.

Twenty years ago, legendary creative director, Brian Searle-Tripp and iconic adman, Bob Rightford (the founders of what became Ogilvy South Africa) decided that what the ad industry needed was more people in the ad industry. It needed better trained professionals, with a strong grounding in the hands-on skills and disciplines that would equip them for a career in advertising.

With the growth of the web, that world has changed. As an increasing amount of time, money and attention is invested online, it is imperative that graduates are fully equipped to deal with the many evolving challenges of advertising in the 21st century.

To address this substantial need, The Red & Yellow School of Logic & Magic has merged with Quirk Education  Quirk Education specialises in the synthesis of knowledge from the Quirk agencies and its partners, converting it into practical learning for marketers and entrepreneurs. They are the authors of the highly acclaimed eMarketing textbook which is used in over 400 education institutions worldwide as well as offering 16 online distance learning courses covering all aspects of digital marketing.

“We firmly believe that this next logical step for the school will take the magic forward, allowing tomorrow’s students to better understand and apply new technologies needed to generate potent brand building ideas in the digital space,” said John Cooney, Managing Director of the Red & Yellow School. “From this point on, Red & Yellow will be able to represent three core pillars of advertising, namely Strategy, Creativity and now, Technology.”

Quirk Founder and Group CEO, Rob Stokes said: “Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of lecturing a wide array of talented young adults at the Red & Yellow School. In being here I’ve witnessed first-hand the immense passion and culture for learning within the DNA of Red & Yellow. I’ve always thought Quirk firmly shares this passion, and especially the culture, making this merger an obvious benefit for both Red & Yellow students and the QuirkStars.”

Source: Red & Yellow School of Logic – Press Release