Ultra-modern and slim LED backlit display meets corporate demand for style and future proof technology

NEC Display Solutions Europe launches the latest addition in popular EA Series of commercial displays, the MultiSync® EA224WMi. Boasting a future ready design, extended input options and rich features it’s perfectly designed to meet the demands of Corporates and Government Offices.

The new 21.5-inch 16:9 format display features an extremely thin LED backlight panel with IPS technology, which results in an ultra-modern and slim design that delivers perfect picture quality from any viewing angle.

Furthermore, the inclusion of four signal inputs – HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D and VGA – and integrated speakers, headphone jack and USB, combined with cable management and the ability to height adjust, swivel, tilt and pivot the display means it can be easily configured to meet the individual ergonomic needs of every user, within a clean and sleek design.

As well as providing a superior viewing experience for the user, the LED backlight also means that the MultiSync® EA224WMi has less overall power consumption, less heat radiation and requires less packaging. Power usage is reduced even further due to a human sensor, which detects user activity in front of the monitor and reduces its power down when the user steps away from their desk. Similarly, the monitor’s brightness can be automatically adjusted by a built-in ambient light sensor – which detects external light conditions – and an auto brightness function – which checks the display content and adjusts the brightness accordingly. The eco-friendly aspects are augmented by the use of recycled plastics in production, and being free of hazardous materials such as mercury and arsenic.

To provide even greater levels of support and functionality to multiscreen users, the MultiSync® EA224WMi features a ControlSync function that allows all connected monitors to be configured from a single master monitor. Similarly any real-time adjustments from sensors such as the human and ambient sensor are all synchronised and controlled by the master monitor, ensuring the displays act in unison.

“As part of the EA Series, the MultiSync® EA224WMi delivers a crisp clean image, both on the display itself, thanks to the LED backlight, and on the desk thanks to its discreet design,” said Birgit Sommerer, Product Line Manager Commercial Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “The multiscreen features, connectivity options, integrated speakers and USB hub and the improved cable management are some key innovations that are tailored to the office user who wants a modern PC display for daily use and to increase productivity.”

Availability and warranty
The MultiSync® EA224WMi comes in black or white and will be available in September 2012. Each unit includes the display, power cord, user manual on CD-ROM, DVI-D to DVI-D cable, VGA to VGA cable, USB cable, Audio cable and Control Sync cable. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year service warranty including the backlight.

Source: NEC Display Solutions – Press release – 5 September 2012