Fast Growing VoIP Usage in Middle East and Northern Africa: Plingm Launches Arabic Version to Meet Demand

The use of mobile VoIP in the Middle East and Northern Africa is growing quicker than in the west. Four of the top ten free social networking apps in Middle East are VoIP apps, compared to only two in west. To support the demand, Plingm launches its first Arabic version.

Plingm, the Swedish based mobile VoIP app has been well received in the Middle East. Since January this year, the number of Plingm app-users have increased by 5,000 percent, a number which mirrors the increased use of mobile VoIP in the Middle East and Northern Africa, which is also comparable with the growth of Twitter users in the region. To meet this demand, Plingm has localized the app, which is available both on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  • “We are witnessing an influx of new mobile VoIP users in Middle East and Northern Africa. With Plingm in Arabic, we believe that many more will discover the benefits of free communication,” says Pandelis Eliopoulos, Plingm co-founder.

In Egypt’s App Store, six of the top ten free social networking apps are VoIP apps. In Jordan the figure is five out of ten, and in both Saudi Arabia and Tunisia four VoIP apps are amongst top ten in the social networking category. In US, Finland and Sweden only two of the top ten free social networking apps are VoIP apps. Another difference between west and east that is noted in Plingm statistics, is that VoIP users in the Middle East more frequently then elsewhere uses mobile VoIP for domestic calls.

Plingm has been Top 1 in Social Networking category in 36 countries and has an average rating of 4.5 in App Store.

How it works

Plingm combines the new and old ways of mobile calling in a unique way. Calls from Plingm to Plingm are connected via internet (wifi or 3G) and are always free. With the add-on service Plingm Out, the call can be rerouted from the internet to a traditional network at a low price, saving up to 90% on international calls. Additionally, Plingm supports free calls to Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections.

Plingm uses innovative technology to develop and offer people friendly and cost efficient ways to communicate. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from the telecommunications and Internet industry. Plingm is based in Stockholm and active in 170 markets.

Source: Plingm.Com – Press Release – 25 September 2012


  1. I just read about, a VOIP based on plingm application itself. So glad that something so exciting has been launched for Africa. I am downloading it right away to enjoy free calls and texting!

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