NEC Display Solutions delivers enhanced touchscreen capabilities to public displays

Optical touchscreen allows up to six simultaneous touch points for MultiSync® public display range

NEC Display Solutions Europe has unveiled the latest additions to its range of touch-enabled public displays, bringing a new level of interactivity to retail signage, way finding, classrooms and even corporate meetings.

The new range of 46- and 65-inch NEC MultiSync® public displays will allow up to six simultaneous touch points (or four drag points) depending on the operating system. The displays use four cameras with an unmatched response time of up to 120 frames per second, providing a high resolution, intuitive, cost effective and robust solution for interactive touch product applications, with no calibration required.
Combined with full-tempered glass for security and a double anti-reflection coating, NEC’s multi-touch range of MultiSync® displays can make the most of the latest operating systems. This lets advertisers, teachers and others provide users and engaging and interactive experience that captures the attention of visitors or passer-by’s and offers them a true opportunity to engage in a live info-exchange with the business.
This advanced touch capability is provided by NEC’s partner Lumio, whose patented and patent-pending hardware and algorithms make it the only company that can deliver optical sensing capability without resorting to out-of-plane camera sensing. By using cameras rather than a capacitive or resistive touch screen, users can interact with any of these new displays using bare hands, gloves or a stylus.
“Touch screens have been around in various forms for years, but smartphones and tablets have turned us into a touch-centric generation, and our new MultiSync® multi-touch public displays respond to the move towards this new way of behaviour,” said Thorsten Wilm, Manager Product Management Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe.
“Providing touch technology can deliver increased revenues via instant viewer participation, a better customer experience with intuitive interaction and an ideal opportunity to reduce operating and personnel costs. These new additions to our range of touch-enabled public displays expand our close partnership with Lumio. These monitors enable customers to make most of the latest operating systems and creating genuinely engaging and compelling displays that are intuitive to use.”

Availability and warranty
The 46- and 65-inch public displays, NEC MultiSync® V462-TM and NEC MultiSync® V651-TM, are expected to be available in October 2012. Each unit includes a power cord, VGA cable, users manual on CD-ROM and quick setup guide. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year service warranty including the backlight.

Source: NEC Display Solutions – Press Release – 5 October 2012