AU Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA)

AU Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA) / All-Africa Energy Week 2012 (AAEW) / Pan-African Investment Forum (PAIF)

WHAT: Second regular session of the AU Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA) jointly with the second All-Africa Energy Week (AAEW) which comprises the African Investment Forum and the Energy Exhibition.

THEME: “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: From Potential to Infrastructure and Services”

WHEN: 12-16 November 2012

WHERE: African Union Commission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

WHY: The main events to which the media are invited are:

The All Africa Energy week aims to achieve the following

To take stock of and monitor progress achieved in the African energy sector by major national, regional and international institutions;

To improve strategic and operational tools used by the main energy actors for supporting the implementation of the African energy agenda;

To share updated knowledge and disseminate it among energy policy-makers, development partners, private sector and other energy stakeholders;

To increase the building of strategic partnerships among key players, and particularly with the private sector for the development, implementation and closing knowledge and financial gaps in energy projects;

To build capacity in innovative knowledge and attain early understanding towards a consensus on emerging key issues in the sector

The Pan African Investment Forum aims

Take stock on the achievements of the first one and to provide a Pan-African platform for interface and partnership between the African policy makers, the private sector and financial institutions. The Forum will also act as a vehicle for empowering the African Private Sector through advocacy, sharing business and market information and skills. The Forum will underscore the formation of a partnership’s and network structure for the implementation of policy recommendations and will also link these measures with on-going private sector efforts towards strengthening Africa’s investment climate and business community.


Alongside the meetings, Industries, technology developers, R&D practitioners, and development actors are invited to showcase their companies and organizations, display equipment, materials, services, innovative findings, new knowledge and other practices relevant to addressing energy poverty. Together with the outcomes of the deliberations of the meetings, the exhibition will contribute to enlighten developers and policy-makers on the various opportunities for shifting energy investments.


It is expected that Ministers will decide on new modalities for the functioning of CEMA and a Declaration with important decisions related to continental policies in the energy sector, including way forward recommendations on PIDA, issues related to renewable energy in Africa (solar, wind, geothermal), issues related to the Africa-EU Energy Partnership, and others. In particular important outcomes are:

• Establishing the new Bureau of CEMA;

• Endorsement of Roll out Plan of Priority Action Plan of PIDA in energy as well as the Institutional Architecture for PIDA implementation;

• Sustainable Energy For All commitments;

• The Geothermal Regional Program; COP17; Africa-EU Energy Partnership; Hydropower 2020 Initiative; Way forward decisions and Declaration.

Ministerial Roundtable

A ministerial roundtable will take place on 15 November at 15:00. It is a half day event that addresses the issue of major challenges for private sector participation / investment in Africa, in particular energy sector development. The focus on this Roundtable shall be implementation and policy dialogue between policy makers (African ministers) and the top-level public and private sector representatives including the European Investment Bank, the African Development Bank etc.

Country commitment for PPP implementation and improvement in investment climate;

Priority and strategy to establish agenda of actions in promoting renewable energy, in particular financial measures in Africa

WHO: Co organized by the African Union Commission, the African Development Bank, the Economic Commission for Africa, and the Government of Ghana

Journalists are invited to cover the event which will begin at 09:00 at the AU Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday 12 November

Source: African Union Commission (AUC) – Press release – 9 November 2012