Arab Education Summit to take place on 24-26 March 2013 in Amman, Jordan

Under the Official Patronage of

The Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan
of Education

Organising Partner

The Arab Education Summit is a landmark event bringing together captains of industry and government leaders to ensure the world-class delivery of education, science and technology across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Summit is to be held under the patronage of the Jordanian Minister of Education H.E. Prof. Wajih Owais and with the support of the Jordanian government will ensure the participation of ministers, deputies and director generals from more than 15 countries.

The summit organisation by ArabBrains brings together the international expertise of The Brains Network with an outstanding track record in Africa and the Middle East, notably the recent Innovation Africa Summit that took place in Cape Town.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to meet all the stakeholders for the education market… I haven’t been to many conferences that are so well organised in terms of networking. I would certainly come again and recommend this conference to anybody else who is working in the education field.”
Martin Rist – Education Business Manager, Middle East & Africa, HP

The Arab Education Summit will be a highly productive and enjoyable event centred around pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings between companies, government ministries, educational institutions and civil society.

Pre-scheduled meetings

Like all events under The Brains Network it is the pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings that make participation essential and offer maximum return on the valuable time of our international delegates and partners. The summit will include over 35 hosted roundtables. Prior to the start of the event all industry partners and delegates will have access to our online scheduling system to personally choose their preferred meetings and create their own agenda for the event.

With the full support and patronage of the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan we will be ensuring the participation of the following groups who will make up the hosted roundtables.

Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Science & Technology from:

  • Jordan
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

The above countries will also be represented by the vice-chancellors and faculty heads from their leading universities and institutes for technology. Roundtables will also include the boards of education from each country.

Civil society leaders will be in attendance on behalf of:

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
  • Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organisation (ALESCO)
  • Islamic Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (ISESCO)

Summit Format

  • Keynote ministerial presentations and panel discussions from thought leaders for education, ICT, science & technology. Special session chairs will be appointed from the summits leading industry partners.
  • Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings between industry and key participants represented by government ministries, universities, boards of education, institutes of technology and civil society.
  • Corporate presentation and meeting areas for companies to demonstrate their leading products and innovations.

Summit Partnerships

With a unique opportunity to meet and engage with so many decision makers under roof at the same time, we strongly recommend your participation with a corporate delegation to maximise the number of pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings and benefit from our impressive range of branding opportunities

  • Showcase your latest products and innovative technologies with your own corporate display and meeting area.
  • Summit partners receive preferential scheduling of their meetings .
  • Corporate identity and branding throughout the summit venue and on the ArabBrains electronic media.
  • Logos and branding on the printed agenda and a corporate profile within the main summit brochure.
  • Lead partners will have an exclusive opportunity to chair one of the main discussion panels during the mornings.
  • A personal copy of the confidential delegate list with email and telephone contact details of participating officials.

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