Be a Smart School – Is There an App for That?

AIndra’s Smart Attendance Management Plugin lets you take class attendance with just a click on your phone. The teacher clicks a picture of the class; the app recognizes the faces and the attendance is marked in the records.

Smart! Isn’t it?
With schools getting tech-friendly, technology too is beaming its head to accommodate the old education system and groom it for a smarter tomorrow. The technology is adapting to the system rather than changing it and hence gaining more ground among the adamant educationists. Not only is getting tech smart but the easier thing to do too. Yes the new technology is easy, if you know how to read you can very well install a software too. And when there are softwares and apps out there, why go through the hassle of creating and managing systems that are time consuming, inefficient and prone to errors?

So getting smart is only few downloads and installations away. While the market is flooded with solutions, there are some great resources that can help you getting started with it. One such resource is, Fedena Marketplace ( – an initiative by Foradian Technologies, makers of Fedena School management system ( . They have listed the best of education software out there and created a one place platform for educationists and developers to interact, sell and buy.

Technology might change the way schools have been running and many fear this change. While the change is inevitable educationist are pinned to fight it to their last breath. With more initiatives like Fedena Marketplace, educationist might realize that technology is a tunnel with light at its other end.

Source: Foradian Technologies – Press Release – 20 March 2013