WIN $50 with our African Thinkers Blogging Competition

Blog Competition - WIN $50AfricanBrains is offering you the opportunity to express your opinions, subject knowledge and insight of what is happening on the ground in Africa with a chance to win $50 in the process.

We will set a topic related to the subjects of education, science, technology, research or ICT and we will invite you to send us a positive 400-500 word, witty, and most of all entertaining article using your local knowledge to inform your piece. We will also give a deadline of around 2 weeks for each of the set topics.

The article must be up-to-date and relevant to our set topic, using current issues or news in your country or region. The article must be unique and include a brief explanation of the background to your knowledge. Any persons quoted in your article must be directly attributable. We will not accept articles that are just aggregated news or copies of existing stories available elsewhere on the web.

If we publish, we’ll send you the link – don’t forget to share it with your friends & social contacts.

Every 2 – 3 weeks a selection of articles will put to the vote via our Facebook page (don’t forget to ‘Like’ if you haven’t done so already – and YOU get to decide which you think is best. The article with the most votes wins and the winner will receive a $50 prize directly into their PayPal account.

After announcing the winner a new topic will be set and we start the process again.

To start the ball rolling please register using the form below. Please note that all fields are required. Rest assured your details will not be passed onto any third party and will only be used in the management of this competition.

We’ll be announcing the first topic very soon…

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  1. i would like to participate, but as your saying that ”Normal journalistic rules will apply”, is this a way to push away all those that are not journalists? Coz pipo out there can write, why not starndard rules?? We dont have to go into journalism classes to qualify for this- seriusly! Or maybe state the rules.,am just concerned.

  2. just what i’ve always wanted; a page or group to share brilliant and innovative day to day occurrences, for the betterment of africa and the world as a whole.

  3. Africa has already discovered the cure for AIDS by instinct without any chemical formula. But the West dont want to accept it until they discover their own cure with chemical formulae. But that’s nonsense. I hope this site wont be manipulated too.

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