How technology influences your education

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Technology as we say is the scientific and practical way of doing things. Technology plays a very significant role in human activity and has a great impact on education.

Technology is gradually changing the face of the educational system in Ghana. I am originally from Ghana, and our parents had to travel on long journeys from one school to another  for a placement for us.

When I was at school, I used to carry about twelve (12) exercise and note books and about ten (10) text books to school everyday because we have to write every note the teacher will write on the chalkboard and also do our assignments in our exercise books.

During our time in school, we were not having enough computers in the school. We were having only ten (10) computers to our name and no internet connection for us to get access to the internet for our studies.

Things were very difficult for us because the teachers had to write everything on the chalkboard, we write notes on the chalkboard and and even take exam from the chalkboard. We had to look through many books for research before we got what we wanted and even for somethings it was difficult to get the information that you want.

There was one internet cafe in the town that we used to visit frequently for our research but  you will spend a lot of time on the computer because the lines were not all that good. But we were able to do much better in class even bring out new ideas during the class discussions. Technology is rapidly  changing over the face of the educational system in Ghana.

Gone are the days when parents had to walk a long distance from one school to another in search for a better school for their wards but now with the introduction of the computerized placement system in the educational system, all this has been out of the Educational system because students are being placed in their school of choice without any stress of going to search for placement in a particular school.

Furthermore, the placement system in Ghana has bridged the gap between the performance of various schools in Ghana because students are being spread all over Ghana based on the performance of the students and it had really help improve the academic performance of the various schools.

Students now write notes on the computer and even take exams on the computer.

Technology has also widened the learning the performance of students in Ghana. This is because students now have access to the computer and the internet connection which enables them to do more research on a particular subject because everything is available for them on the internet. Students now have access to any learning materials available now because of the introduction of the technology.

More so, students now have access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo, Google+ and it helps them chat with their friends inside or outside the country.

People can now sit in the comfort of their homes and study online to obtain their various certificates they want.

Technology has really improved education a lot in Ghana and it has taken the country to a different level of education.


  1. I have gone through the post, and I think what he said is really true!. Technology has really helped our mother land.

  2. I have gone through his post, and I think what he said in his post is really true!. Technology has really helped our education. Unlike some years ago, that you have to go a long way before you get what you want, but now, with some little time of googling, you get want you want. In fact technology has helped me a lot.

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