Intel Program to Reduce Technology Gender Gap in Africa

IntelIntel sets sights on conquering Africa’s technology gender gap.

Intel announced plans this week to launch a program aimed at reducing the technology gender gap in the developing world, IT News Africa reports. Befittingly named, She Will Connect, the program will open in Africa and seek to boost the digital fluency of young women and decrease the gender gap by fifty percent.

The program may set a benchmark for innovation in the sector that lies at the meeting point of technology and development. She Will Connect will combine an online gaming platform specially tailored to smartphones and tablets in light of the developing world’s reputation for mobile Internet savvy and a peer network where women can share ideas and search for mentors and support in a secure online environment.

Intel will initiate the program in Africa by targeting 5 million women, while collaborating with governments and domestic and global NGOs. According to Intel, She Will Connect was designed as a result of the findings in its trailblazing “Women and the Web” report issued in January. The report swiftly attracted the attention of international media after presenting alarming figures as per the Internet gender gap in the developing world and the social and economic opportunities that are lost by not providing Internet access to women.

“The Internet has transformed the lives of billions of people,” Intel Corporate Affairs Group Vice President and Intel Foundation President Shelly Esque said. “It functions as a gateway to ideas, resources and opportunities that never could have been realized before, but our research shows that girls and women are being left behind. We believe that closing the Internet gender gap has tremendous potential to empower women and enrich their lives as well as all the lives they touch.”

Intel announced the program in the run-up to the UN International Day of the Girl celebrated on Oct 11.

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