Exset Provides Monetisation Solution for Sub-Saharan Africa Digital Broadcast Deployment with DMS


Pay-TV needs a new monetisation model for emerging markets in order to succeed – Exset

Exset (http://www.exset.com), pioneers of TV ecosystems for emerging markets, has today revealed that its unique digital broadcast ecosystem – Digital Monetization System – provides the ideal solution to Sub-Saharan digital broadcasting growth among those who cannot afford premium subscription services.

Speaking at the Digital Broadcasting Summit and Expo, Arusha, Tanzania – hosted by the Southern African Broadcasting Association and BSP Media Group – Andrew Pons, Exset’s Director of Marketing, is exploring DMS and the multi-faceted benefits that it brings to emerging markets.

Pons says, “Exset understands that pay-TV needs a new monetisation model for emerging markets in order to succeed. That’s why it created Digital Monetization System (DMS) – a unique business and technology model that makes pay-TV self-financing without depending exclusively on subscriber fees for revenue. DMS bridges the gap between technology supply and value-add service creation, facilitating digital television platforms that can be monetised where previously virtually impossible. This allows populations to benefit from new information and entertainment services while operators and governments, when partnering with Exset, monetise digital switchover and assist in bringing about social transformation.”

By deploying DMS, a very low subscription model of a few dollars a month can be charged for the digital television service, with additional operator income gained through selling the interactive TV space to governments (for health and education information dissemination), magazines, local service provides, teleshopping – the list goes on.

Rahul Nehra, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Exset, says, “There’s a combination of issues in sub-Saharan countries that have held up the rollout of digital TV services to vast swathes of the population. The digital divide is therefore increasing, with governments coming under pressure from a variety of international bodies to tackle this. The TV set is the ideal way to allow people to access new, exciting services at a cost they can afford via digital broadcast infrastructures that are practical to deploy.”

Andrew Pons will speak on the 23rd October 2013, 10:30 am, on the topic: “Using Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) to drive local innovation and business”.