ITG: Google Trends Show EduWave on the Top of the List


Amman 7-1 – 2014

According to Google trends, ‘Noor’ project, which is based on EduWave platform, was ranked first place for the most searched word in Saudi Arabia for 2013. Instagram, Office of the Ombudsman, ‘Ramadan Series’, Syrian ‘Free Army’, ‘Corona’ virus, Ministry of Housing, Samsung S4, Star Academy ‘9’ and ‘Rains in Tabuk’ were ranked second to tenth, respectively.

 “These results parallel the trends shown in Google annual global zeitgeist report” said Director Professional Services, Mohammad Wajeh. “As education technologies continues to trend up, decision makers around the world are gaining confidence in implementing technology in schools, colleges, and universities.”

‘Noor’ the biggest educational project across the region, had reached more than 12 million users in 2013, Mr. Wajeh assured on that by adding: “Through ‘Noor’ project, we have reached over 37,000 public and private schools”, “Millions of student records were obtained through the system with a huge number of transactions reaching more than 21 billion transactions during the academic year 2013.” He also added: “Our geographical coverage doesn’t only include schools inside Saudi Arabia; it also covers Saudi’s schools in U.K, China, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Austria, France, Turkey, Italy and Morocco.”

In Addition, ‘Noor’ had also covered other educational areas including supervision and guidance, counseling and training, school transportation and teachers affairs, thereby expanding the scope of functions and beneficiaries.

It’s worth mentioning that ‘Noor’ project, which is based on ITG’s educational solution ‘EduWave’, had already won the e-Government Achievement Award for educational management from the e-Government Program ‘Yesser’ – to provide the best service to members of the community (government – people). At the same time the Saudi Ministry of Education had won an international award from the United Nations (UN) in the field of telecommunications, information technology and e-Government services, the e-Learning Application Award for its ‘Noor’ system, that reflects the great benefits that the Saudi e-Government services had reached in serving millions of beneficiaries. This award is an incentive for other countries to shift to the information society.

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