SA: School registration for 2015 kicks off


Public schools across Gauteng have opened their doors for the registration of learners for the 2015 academic year.

Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy launched the Public School Admissions Campaign at the Johannesburg Park Station on Monday.

The launch involved the distribution of pamphlets encouraging parents to apply now to avoid the last minute rush in 2015.

“There is high demand for space in Gauteng schools. We have over 2 000 public ordinary schools that accommodate 1.9 million learners. Apply early so that we can we can accommodate you.

“For us, it means we will be able to plan for the number of children who are coming into our system. For parents, it means they will be able to get a school that is closer to their place of work or residence,” MEC Creecy said.

The department processed over 20 000 late applications for the 2014 academic year, an increase from 15 000 in the previous year.

Applying late reduces the chances of parents getting the school of their first choice where they meet the criteria. This also means that learners will be placed at a school where there is space available, and this might not be close to where their parents work or reside.

From today, parents, who wish to register their children for admission in a public school in Gauteng, can go to their nearest school to pick up application forms for learners who want to start Grade 1 or Grade 8 in the province in 2015. Application forms should be returned to the school as from 15 April to 27 May.

“We once again urge parents to work with us to ensure all our schools are ready to operate from the first day of school in 2015.

“This also provides the department with ample time to plan adequately, knowing the number of learners coming to schools in 2015, and ensuring that the right amount of school infrastructure, learner and teacher support material and furniture is allocated to schools,” MEC Creecy added.

The campaign will involve the usage of various communication platforms to deliver the department’s message of early registrations. The platforms will include social media, public services announcement, print and electronic media amongst others.

Required documentation

Parents who will be applying for space in a school need to bring a completed application form with the following documentation:

  • Birth certificate or certified copy (a baptismal certificate is not acceptable)
  • At least one (1) parent’s ID
  • Immunisation card (for grade 1)
  • Study permits for legal immigrants
  • Asylum documents for refugees and asylum seekers
  • The latest school report card

“We also urge parents to follow through the whole registration process to its finality,” the MEC said.

When registering children, parents are urged to ensure that schools provide them with a waiting list number.

This waiting list number will indicate if the applicant is on waiting list A (for parents within a feeder area of a school) or waiting list B (parents outside of a feeder area of a school).

Learners that are not in entry grades, that is Grades 1 and 8, also need to re-enrol.