Disruption: Trends Driving African Business Strategy in a New Direction

F&SIndustry leaders to gather in Cape Town in August for Frost & Sullivan’s annual GIL 2014: Africa congress

Only a few years ago, Africa was viewed as the potential pitfall for investors; today it is dubbed as ‘the fastest growing continent’. What has brought about this change and what have businesses done differently to act as the catalyst for this rapid growth? These key trends driving disruption and growth will be analysed during Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2014: Africa event, returning to Cape Town for its fourth consecutive year on Thursday 14th August at the Table Bay Hotel. Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) community of business leaders from all over Africa will gather to share ideas and strategies.

“Fifteen years ago, Africa was shunned by all but the most hardy of investors,” states Hendrik Malan, Operations Director for Frost & Sullivan Africa. “All of this has changed now with Africa being viewed as an exciting frontier economy. Ten out of the eleven fastest economies over the next decade will be African, as indicated by Harvard University’s Observatory, and businesses wanting to be a part of this change are going to have to do things differently. Companies are going to need to bring about incremental change within their industry.”

Mr Malan’s keynote will address new ways of thinking and why it is critical to success, what it takes to become a disruptive organisation and how this will drive company strategy in a new direction. “Whether you are wanting to shake up your industry or simply find out what impact the future growth of the African continent will have on your business, GIL 2014: Africa will deliver valuable insights to your organisation and its future strategy,” adds Hendrik Malan.Frost & Sullivan will also showcase latest research findings and compelling case studies of companies that will help paint a picture of how Connectivity and Convergence, along with other global Mega Trends, will transform the way you work in years to come.

Highlights will include: The New Mega Trends – Macro to Micro Opportunities for Future Business, Cultures, and Personal Lives by Global Vice President for Visionary Innovation, Richard Sear; Global Smart City Market – A $1.5 Trillion Market Opportunity by 2020; Industry Convergence Trends and Workshop; Exploring the Vortex of Innovation Driving New Concepts, Products and Services; and the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards Banquet.

This annual one-day event is part of Frost & Sullivan’s exclusive GIL community that represents a worldwide network of over 5,000 senior executives.

To attend Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2014: Africa congress, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please send an e-mail to Birgitta Cederstrom, Global Commercial Director for Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL), at birgitta.cederstrom@frost.com

Frost & Sullivan’s Global GIL Community continues to be the industry’s only resource that supports CEOs and their management teams in critical decision-making, offering tools that help industry leaders in achieving the three essential objectives of Growth, Innovation and Leadership. GIL 2014: Africa will provide CEOs and their growth teams an opportunity not just to attend GIL, but to actually experience it.


GIL 2014: Africa
The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, in South Africa
The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
14 August 2014