Siendon launches PowerGo to beat the Power Cuts in Ghana

siendonA range of high performance power banks has been launched in Ghana to ensure that batteries on mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, cameras and other electronic devices do not run out when they are needed most.  British manufacturer, Siendon, has released its PowerGo charger following major demand from customers including some of the biggest telecom companies on the continent.

The primary device is PowerGo PG1, a 10000 mAh power pack capable of charging some devices up to six times or six days if a device such as an Iphone 5s is charged once a day. With two USB charging ports and a 4 in 1 connector, customers save time by charging up to 5 devices at once in lightning fast speed.  PowerGo is compatible with all the major brands including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola and HTC.

William Welch, VP Marketing at Siendon said: ‘PowerGo is about having continued access to your life –  important calls, messages, contacts, family, friends, study, work, music, photos and all the other essential things that you rely on your devices for. With new gadgets consuming more power than ever before coupled with the inconvenience of power cuts in some countries, a device like this is a real lifesaver.

“PowerGo is a true 10000 mAh battery charger which has been rigorously tested to provide the maximum charge in the quickest time.  It is equipped with protection against overcharging and discharging, high temperatures and short circuits with a state of the art built in charging controller.  It uses world class Lithium batteries and comes with a one year warranty.  PowerGo significantly raises the bar in terms of quality and reliability from anything else out there and is designed with the African market in mind.”